We all know our actual government doesn’t always come through for us. Fortunately there will always be one public official who will never let us down: Leslie Knope. And now you can bring Pawnee’s best employee and her friends home from work. Parks & Rec is the latest series to get its very own Little People set from Fisher-Price. And Leslie, Ron, Andy, and April come packed with Easter eggs from the show.

Fisher-Price's Little People Parks and Rec set with the four figures displayed in the office-themed box

Fisher-Price has partnered with NBCUniversal for the all-new Parks & Recreation Little People Collector set. They officially announced it ahead of March 31—a date that really does exist—to celebrate Ron Swanson’s very busy day of meetings.

Each of the four figures in the collection pays tribute to the character. Leslie wears her 2012 campaign pin and holds a whipped cream-topped waffle. (Something tells us we know which restaurant she ordered it from.) Ron carries a coffee mug and sports his red sweatshirt. (If you don’t know what that signifies go watch the show. No, we will not tell you.) Meanwhile Andy Dwyer holds his guitar while in his shoeshine apron. And his wife April Ludgate wears a cardigan and blouse combo, “along with her signature dour expression” that really captures her true spirit.


The set’s box is also a big part of the collection. It is covered on the front and the back with nods to Parks & Rec most famous moments and quotes. From a raccoon peeking through the window to a Paunch Burger bag, there are loads of Easter eggs for dedicated fans to go hunting for.

If you’re one of them and want to find the Fisher-Price Little People Collector Parks and Recreation set head to the  Mattel Shop. There you can learn where it is already available for $24.99.

To get the full experience we recommend opening up yours during breakfast. Our favorite government employee would want you to.