Nerds gather ’round. For it’s time to speak of thou holiest of unions once again: LEGO and Star Wars. Recently the intersection of platonic toy and epic film franchise manifested itself as a gigantic, official Republic Gunship set that looks like a real tempting purchase. Now, however, something far more spectacular has appeared on our radar. The largest fan-made Star Wars build in existence.

LEGO Star Wars builder and YouTuber Richboy Jhae is responsible for the mind-bogglingly massive build. In the video above, the immensely talented builder describes his creation over the course of about 20 minutes. And, frankly, he probably could’ve spent a few hours going into detail if he wanted to. Because saying this MOC (my own creation) is impressive is like saying Palpatine is naughty.

As fans can easily spot, Jhae’s MOC is a reimagining of Starkiller Base from The Force Awakens. The builder notes in the video’s description that he painstakingly replicated the “real” thing from the film. Over the course of two-and-a-half years.

A fan-made LEGO Starkiller Base at the Brick Rodeo convention in Texas.

Richboy Jhae

Jhae’s extraordinary dedication paid off when he revealed the build at this year’s Brick Rodeo LEGO convention in Texas; the backdrop for Jhae’s tour in the video. Speaking of which, the builder’s tour gives us a 360-degree look at the MOC. Moving from the scene in which General Hux addresses an assembly of First Order soldiers all the way through the climactic lightsaber battle between Kylo and Rey.

It’s extremely hard to pick a favorite section of the build, as they’re all incredible. The MOC has multiple rows of custom ships; movable turbo lasers; landing bays with slanted walls that were “such a feat to try to design”; Hux’s command center room that genuinely has a good view of the LEGO layout; Snoke’s hologram room; and Captain Phasma stuck in a trash compactor. Amongst about 100 other little hilarious and easter eggy Starkiller Base vignettes.

Richboy Jhae

Sadly, it sounds like Jhae was only able to display the complete MOC for a single day at Brick Rodeo. (How do you transport that thing safely anyway, even if it’s in pieces?) We hope the builder will tour it again, however, because, unlike The Rise of Skywalker, people need to see it.

Featured Image: Richboy Jhae