Kingdom Hearts fans, this one’s for you! The mega popular and mega weird role-playing game from Square Enix and Disney may not have any new chapters on the way, but you can hang out with Sora and the gang in a different way. You can revisit the universe with a new album. Materia Collective announced The Keyblade War, an “epic retelling that re-imagines the Kingdom Hearts universe through music.” We are happy to go back the Kingdom Hearts universe however we can, so yes please.

The Keyblade War album cover

Materia Collective

This exciting new exploration of the lore behind the dearly beloved Kingdom Hearts series will feature the talents of arranger Rozen (Sins of Hyrule, Ballads of Hyrule, Children of Termina) and vocalist Reven across sixteen grandiose arrangements. This album is the duo’s second studio album following their highly acclaimed debut, NieR: Glory to Mankind. The duo is making The Keyblade War and its 16 tracks special with live performances. They have the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir on board, along with returning collaborators the ETHEReal String Orchestra, Ro Rowan, Kristin Naigus, and more.

That is all super cool and impressive, but let’s break down what The Keyblade War is for those who may be unfamiliar with how it fits within the Kingdom Hearts universe. It’s a huge conflict that drives the games, even though it took places long before the series. The Keyblade War weaves along the boundary between light and darkness using themes from across the series. And the Keyblade, a mysterious weapon, chose the hero of the story, Sora.

Materia Collective

The complete track list is as follows:

01. Destati
02. Dearly Beloved
03. Simple and Clean
04. Between Light and Dark
05. Princess of Heart ~Kairi~
06. Sanctuary ~After the Battle~
07. Promise
08. No. i ~interlude~
09. Organization XIII
10. Hollow Bastion
11. Face my Fears
12. Master vs. Master
13. The Final World
14. Darkness
15. Don’t Think Twice
16. The Keyblade War

Materia Collective is releasing The Keyblade War in digital, vinyl and limited edition CD formats. The album will be localized in Japanese for fans in Japan.

The album is available now to pre-order and will ship November 2020.

Featured Image: Square Enix