Kingdom Hearts III, the long-awaited next installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, will be available on January 29. It’s only days away, and while you’re counting the minutes and maybe catching up on everything we know about the next chapter or replaying your favorite games, you can distract yourself by drooling over a new Kingdom Hearts fashion collection from Hot Topic. We have an exclusive look at the line that includes styles plucked right from the game, from both light and darkness.

What sort of Keyblade attack can I use to bring one of everything into my closet? I’ve been longing for a wider variety of Kingdom Hearts merchandise, and these designs are exactly what I had in mind. Excuse me, an Organization XIII hooded duster complete with the chain and double-ended zipper?! It would make me okay with being a Nobody.

Other styles let you resemble Sora (his Kingdom Hearts II and III hoodies, thank you very much), Riku, Heartless, Axel, and Kairi. I’m also pleased to report there’s a nod to the ever-present sea salt ice cream and the destiny making Paopu Fruit on one of the shirts. I appreciate that the collection includes options from those character hoodies, to t-shirts, to shortalls. It means you can show your enthusiasm for Kingdom Hearts in many situations.

Order or pre-order these items from Hot Topic’s website or pick them up at Hot Topic stores. Scroll below to see the full collection.

Images: Hot Topic

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