I did a cursory check and 100% of people stream music. It’s everyone, in the whole world. Remember when people used to buy music, as a society? Now rather than pay for albums, or even songs, they liked, most people use one of a small number of music streaming platforms for everything. But nothing’s for free, especially if you don’t want your listening interrupted by ads. Spotify, maybe the biggest of the bunch, announced on Monday that all of its premium subscriptions prices will go up.

Spotify logo on a teal background.

In the article by The Hollywood Reporter, Spotify’s individual plan will go up $1 per month to $11.99, the duo plan rising by $2 per month to $16.99, the family plan rising by $3 per month to $19.99. The student plan, which is offered at a discount to verified students, remains at $5.99. All of this will go into effect immediately for new subscribers and on the next billing cycle for existing.

This is just the latest hike for a streaming service, all of which—video and audio alike—have been skyrocketing as streaming media becomes the norm. Still, Spotify has all the music, so, pros and cons, ya know?

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