There’s a lot of pressure on companies to stand out in the 21st century. A quality product, even a well-established one, can’t always find new ways to shine in a world of non-stop ads. Last year Hidden Valley broke through the massive marketing field by inventing a seasonal drink with tang. It sold an egg nog kit with a recipe that called for ranch dressing. But that curious concoction didn’t have the pizzazz—nor the bling—-of Hidden Valley’s latest stunt item. Nor the price tag. The company just auctioned off a diamond ring made from ranch dressing. And while that might sound outrageous it’s nothing compared to the amount it sold for. Someone might soon get engaged with a ranch dressing diamond that cost $12,500.

A poster fo rHidden Valley Ranch's diamond ring against a black background
Hidden Valley Ranch

The Ranch Diamond from Hidden Valley is real. And it really did pull in a whole lot of cash. It garnered $12,500 in an eBay auction (that we first learned about at Foodbeast). That was the winning bid out of 79 offers. Seventy-nine! What did the buyer get for all that money? Hidden Valley explained in a press release how they made its one-of-a-kind ring:

The 2 carat round brilliant cut diamond was expertly created by a professional diamond maker in a lab by heating Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning to 2,500 degrees, and then crushing the output beneath 400 tons of pressure, taking five months total to create. After being polished to perfection, the eye-catching diamond was then set in a 14K white gold band with “HVR LVR” engraved on the inside.
Hidden Valley Ranch

“Science!” But also, “Science?

While we definitely don’t recommend eating this diamond, all proceeds from the sale will help feed those in need. Hidden Valley is donating the entire $12,500 to the Feeding America organization. For that price not only is someone getting the world’s most unlikely engagement ring, they’ll be turning a ranch dressing diamond ring into a whole lot of meals.