Season two of Yellowjackets kicked into high gear right away. Alongside catching us up to everything our adult and teenage survivors have been up to, the first episode of the season also dropped some huge plot bombs. Even if you’re caught up on season one of Yellowjackets, season two kicked off with plenty of important things for us to note. Here are all the major new things from Yellowjackets season two’s first episode that seem like they’ll impact the rest of the season.

Spoiler Alert

We’re Introduced to a New Yellowjackets Character, Crystal, in Episode One

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

We may have thought we met all the survivors of the plane crash. But it turns out that isn’t so. Episode one of Yellowjackets season two introduces us to a handful of new girls who also made it to the wilderness, but only one of them gets a name. We meet the new character of Crystal played by Nuha Jes Izman. Though we don’t know too much about her yet, we learn she really likes to hum, sing, and dance. And she shares Misty’s proclivities for singing to help… grease the skids. Crystal is also a big fan of the theater and musicals, which we know adult Misty absolutely adores. We get the feeling Crystal will soon leave her mark on the story.

Javi Is Missing

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

The last time we saw Javi, Shauna told him to run from the Doomcoming revels during episode nine of Yellowjackets season one. After that, Travis noted he went to look for him in the season one finale, but we didn’t see Javi again. The first episode of season two lets us know that Javi has been missing for two months. Is Javi dead? We don’t yet know. But winter has hit the wilderness hard. We’re sure where Javi is and whether he’s alive will become a major plotline this season.

We Flash Forward to the Timeline of the Survivor’s Rescue on Yellowjackets


Season two, episode one of Yellowjackets took us to a whole new timeline. The episode dropped us into 1998, when the survivors were officially rescued. Interestingly, their rescue seemed like a whole lot more of a zoo than anything we’ve seen happen in the wilderness so far. We don’t see too much other than the faces of survivors we already know make it back from the woods, but it does open up a whole new space for the story to be told.

Adult Lottie Has a Cult in Yellowjackets Season Two, Episode One

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Surprise! Adult Lottie is running a cult, and she’s trying to help people find their truest, most authentic selves, their primal selves if you will. Her team kidnapped Nat, but it’s really for her own good. Lottie’s cult retreat seems to mirror the wilderness, complete with a lake, a forest, mountains, and bonfires for good measure. There are even people wearing animal masks and getting buried alive. Just how closely it mirrors the wilderness and its darkness, though, remains to be seen.

Tai’s Other Personality Is Active and Biting


Tai’s other personality seems to be waking up more than ever before in Yellowjackets season two, episode one. In the past timeline, teen Tai and Van are sleeping with their arms tied together to prevent Taissa from sleepwalking. But that doesn’t seem to prevent her other identity from rising to life. In the episode, we see Other Tai kiss Van very passionately but take things too far. Tai ends up biting Van hard. A cannibalism precursor? We guess we will have to wait and see.

The Wilderness Visions Return and Could Be Catching on Yellowjackets


In season one of Yellowjackets, Lottie had visions of a bunker filled with candles in the wilderness. A vision stag was also present, hinting at the mantle of Antler Queen. Laura Lee helped Lottie to achieve these visions, but now Lottie is a spiritual leader of her own. When she and Travis breathe together, she or he or both see a vision of a tree stump filled with candles. Later in Yellowjackets season two, episode one, Travis and Nat see the mossy stump in person, and the snow around it appears to have been melted. Travis doesn’t seem to recognize it. Did the visions come from Lottie? Did she pass them to Travis? Is the wilderness actually responsible? And what are the secrets of the candle-lit stump that appears before them? We guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out.