Though season one of Yellowjackets has ended, this ending is only the beginning. Yellowjackets’ finale raised as many questions as it answered and fans are buzzing. This is a true testament to the show’s “slow burn” nature. And a mark of its confident serialized storytelling. Questions (and theories) keep us ready to consume Yellowjackets season two. And we are hungry.

Here’s our breakdown of the biggest questions from the Yellowjackets‘ finale and season one overall. So let’s shed some light, my beautiful friends, on the answers, theories, and speculation this season brought to life. And let the darkness set us free.

Lottie holding a bear's heart in Yellowjackets. Here are questions and theories we have about season one before Yellowjackets season 2

Yellowjackets Season One Questions and Theories 

Yellowjackets Season Two and Beyond // Are There Supernatural Powers at Work on Yellowjackets? // Who Is Yellowjackets’ Antler Queen and Who Is the Girl in the Pit? // Who Killed Travis and Kidnapped Nat? What Is the Meaning of Yellowjackets’ Symbol? //  Will Lottie Become Evil? Is She Possessed? // Who Was Adam on Yellowjackets? // Does Shauna’s Baby Survive the Wilderness //  Is Taissa Sleepwalking, Possessed, or in Possession of a Whole Other Personality? // Is Jackie Really Dead on Yellowjackets? // Where Is Javi? Where Are Van, Mari, and Akilah in the Future? // Where Did the Girls Crash on Yellowjackets and How Will They Be Rescued? // Who will Play Adult Versions of the Surviving Cast?

How many seasons of Yellowjackets will there be?

Right now, the showrunners are discussing five seasons of Yellowjackets. We don’t know if the multiple timeline format will continue throughout but we’re excited to find out. All the forest sigils are pointing in the direction, too. Because, happily, Yellowjackets received an early renewal for season two and season three.

When does season two of Yellowjackets return?

As mentioned, Yellowjackets was renewed for a second season before the finale. Though initially, Yellowjackets season two was set to premiere at the end of 2022, that timeline changed. According to showrunners and co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, who spoke with The Wrap, “We’re looking into the first quarter of 2023 [for Yellowjackets season two]… We are on a very similar production track in terms of time as we were last season, although, of course, we have to shoot an additional episode because we had already shot the pilot the last time. I believe that we are going to finish shooting in about February, and we’ll be airing sometime shortly after that.”

They add, “Nobody wanted to get back on the air quickly more than we did. But we really rolled directly from finishing up Season 1 into Season 2… It’s a deeply serialized story, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t rush it, and that we got it right. And so this was the earliest we could accomplish that.”

And they have delivered on that timeline. Yellowjackets announced via social media today that the show will return on March 24, 2023. So the answers we seek are near. It may be a little later than we’d hoped, but we want Yellowjackets season two to deliver its absolute best.

Are There Supernatural Powers at Work on Yellowjackets?


One could argue this is the core question Yellowjackets asks of its characters and audience. The belief in a greater force seems to directly correlate to another question. How do the Yellowjackets end up breaking into multiple tribes? This division likely forms between those who believe there are supernatural forces at play, with Lottie as their leader, and those who refuse this explanation. But which Yellowjackets join Lottie and which do not are questions we still can’t answer with certainty.

Based on the Yellowjackets finale, it seems like our main characters, Shauna, Taissa, Van, Nat, and Misty, were all somehow involved in Lottie’s tribe. Travis, conversely, was not. In an earlier episode, 2021 Nat says, “He never believed in any of that.” Seems like pretty unbalanced numbers, though. We don’t know what other characters like Mari, Akilah, and Javi believe. But only time will tell who ends up on Team Fae Cannibalism.

Like with the girls lost in the wilderness, this question divides fans, mirroring the show. Some feel strongly that there is no magic in Yellowjackets’ world and only the power of the mind. Others feel there must be something more powerful at play, when looking at Van’s survival, Lottie’s bear slaughter, and how the woods tie together blood and feast.

Given this core debate, the answer is “whatever you make of it is true.” The supernatural equally exists and does not exist on Yellowjackets.

Who Is Yellowjackets’ Antler Queen and Who Is the Girl in the Pit?


Who is the Antler Queen, glimpsed in the first episode of Yellowjackets? And who is the unfortunate victim we see dead in a pit? Although Yellowjackets fans had many theories, one of these questions has an answer. Her Majesty Lottie donned a first draft of the antler crown in episode nine, “Doomcoming.” And judging by the finale, she is ready to ascend to her throne. That said, the crown and power could always pass hands again.

The girl in the pit, meanwhile, is harder to identify. Many Yellowjackets fan theories pointed to Jackie as the unfortunate victim, but we can now rule her out. Based on a process of elimination, the girl seems to be Mari, at this point. It makes sense since Pit Girl wore Jackie’s necklace. Short of Shauna, Mari had the most notable interactions with Jackie. But who gets Jackie’s necklace and how they end up in the pit remains in the realms of speculation for now.

Who Killed Travis and Kidnapped Nat? What Is the Meaning of Yellowjackets’ Symbol?


“Who the f*** is Lottie Matthews?” Well,  it seems like our Antler Queer is Travis’ killer and Nat’s kidnapper. Although Natalie is ready to believe the official story by the Yellowjackets finale, a well-timed sequence reveals that Lottie actually had something to do with his death. Simultaneously, a group of people draped in cozy neutrals appears and drags Nat away. Around their necks hangs Yellowjackets’ mysterious forest symbol.

But what does this symbol mean and where did it come from? Yellowjackets fans have been hard at work sharpening their theories on this one. They’ve invoked everything from Hobo Code to trigonometry in a quest for meaning. And though we may learn where Yellowjackets’ symbol came from… Ultimately, the symbol’s meaning is in the eye of the beholder. We suspect Lottie will begin to use it in the wilderness, a mark of her tribe.

Will Lottie Become Evil? Is She Possessed?


So will Lottie become the big bad of Yellowjackets season two? Signs point to yes. She is inviting the darkness, after all… And killing people and kidnapping them. Still, “evil” is a subjective moniker.

Showrunner Jonathan Lisco shares some insights with Variety about the women’s time in the woods:

With all the gender conventions coming down, and the savagery of high-school hierarchies coming down in the woods, when they actually have to be themselves — a true version of themselves and try and find out how to survive, oddly, they self-actualize in ways that surprise them, surprise their peers. Like, who are they?

That doesn’t sound so evil. Perhaps Lottie wants for her found family to come back together on Yellowjackets. To be themselves again, free of society. By her side, cannibalizing people. You know, Hannibal Lecter style.

We also can’t count possession out. Lottie was speaking French at the end of the finale. Which we also saw her speak after her séance episode. But whether this is put-on or demonic remains unknown.

Who Was Adam on Yellowjackets?


Another generator of many Yellowjackets questions and theories, it seems like Adam was only himself. Showrunner Bart Nickerson confirmed to Vulture that Adam is not involved in Lottie’s cult and Lisco shared with  Decider that he is not Javi either. Still, Lisco offered that Adam’s backstory is in flux, and “they’ll follow whatever storyline they think is the most compelling” going into season two.

Does Shauna’s Baby Survive the Wilderness?

At the end of Yellowjackets season one, Shauna’s baby remains alive. But its ultimate fate is a question for Yellowjackets season two.

Is Taissa Sleepwalking, Possessed, or in Possession of a Whole Other Personality?


Like Lottie, Taissa contains multitudes. In the 2021 timeline, we meet her as a polished, ambitious politician trying to put away her time in the wilderness. But by the finale, we know she’s been climbing trees, eating dirt, and creating blood alters complete with Yellowjackets’ wilderness symbol in her spare time. And honestly, we love it.

As Taissa wins her hard-fought election, a delicious smile lingers on her face. Lisco describes the moment to Variety:

[Taissa thinks] wow, for many, many years, I’ve been suppressing this knowledge of my alter ego. If not repressing it. And yet now, holy cow, I have a feeling that there could be advantages to what I’ve kind of subconsciously known all along — that I’m a bifurcated personality. And should I or should I not capitalize on the advantages of that dark power moving forward?

Taissa’s son refers to her alter-ego as “The Lady in the Tree.” And we see Tai become that lady a few times in the wilderness as well. We may even see her become the Lady in the Tree more full-time while in the wild. Taissa seemed strangely squeamish when it came to handling Adam’s body… If she were on Team Cannibal, perhaps her other side took over in the wild.

This final scene signals a turning point in how the two Taissas co-exist, though. Could Taissa join Lottie’s wilderness cult? Could she be unknowingly in touch with Lottie already? And who is the man with no eyes Tai keeps seeing in visions? (He even appears in the opening credits.) These questions remain for Yellowjackets season two to know and for us to create more theories about.

Is Jackie Really Dead on Yellowjackets?


Alas, our resident pretty/mean girl Jackie is dead on Yellowjackets. We see her pass in the dream/vision that she and Shauna seem to share. Interestingly this highlights Shauna’s connection to the supernatural. Many fans also wonder who the man in the dream was. Could he be the dead hunter the team found in the cabin?


In any case, dead doesn’t mean gone on Yellowjackets. We feel confident we’ll see Jackie again soon.

Where Is Javi? Where Are Van, Mari, and Akilah in the Future?


We don’t see Javi in the finale of Yellowjackets, so where is he? For now, no one knows. But Travis’ bank account was easily emptied in 2021. Could Javi be a part of Lottie’s cult?

As for the other Yellowjackets MIA in 2021, we don’t know what they’re up to. Van could be with Lottie if she’s still alive. Mari, the pit girl who never made it. As for Akilah, we hope she is somewhere out there thriving.

Where Did the Girls Crash on Yellowjackets and How Will They Be Rescued?


We know the team crashed in the “northern wilderness.” Where they are exactly is almost immaterial, although the Canadian Rockies are the prime suspects. How they get rescued remains a total mystery. Are they closer to civilization than they think? Will the wilderness let them go? In a slow-burn series like Yellowjackets, we were never going to have all our questions answered in season one. But one thing we’re interested in knowing, will the girls ever discover Misty broke the plane’s black box? And what will happen when they do?

Who will play adult versions of the surviving cast?


The most exciting question for many fans is who will play the adult versions of any surviving Yellowjackets. Fans hope more nostalgic ’90s stars appear. For now, we have one piece of casting news, Lauren Ambrose will play Adult Van. In addition, adult Lottie will be played by Simone Kessell. We’ll have to wait and see if any other adult survivors join the cast in Yellowjackets season two. We can’t wait to hear all your Yellowjackets theories in the meanwhile.

Our final thoughts? Buzz, buzz, buzz.