Buzz, buzz, buzz. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Yellowjackets season two returning to our screens. Fans of the popular show will be at the edge of their seats for more of the series. But even the most ardent of viewers will probably have forgotten exactly where Yellowjackets left its many different plots and characters in season one. After all, there are two timelines to contend with on Yellowjackets, alongside temporally uncertain flashbacks and many whirling mysteries. Even knowing who is where and doing what doesn’t answer all our questions. But that certainly gives us a strong starting position. So, to catch you up quickly before season two arrives, here’s where Yellowjackets left its main team of characters and two story lines in its season one finale.

What happened to the characters on Yellowjackets season one including Natalie, Misty, Taissa, Shauna and Lottie
1996 Yellowjackets Timeline—What Happened to: Teen Shauna // Teen Lottie // Teen Taissa // Teen Van // Teen Misty // Teen Natalie // Teen Jackie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors
Present Day Yellowjackets Timeline—What Happened to: Adult Shauna // Adult Lottie // Adult Taissa // Adult Misty // Adult Natalie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors

1996 Timeline: The Yellowjackets in the Woods

What Happened to Teen Shauna?
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At the end of the season one finale, teen Shauna Shipman is not loving life on Yellowjackets. After a season of dealing with a steadily advancing pregnancy and drama with her best friend, in addition to the perils of the wilderness, things come to a head for Shauna.

The father of Shauna’s baby is, of course, Jeff, Jackie’s boyfriend, but there’s more than that to their finale altercation. Shauna finally stands up to Jackie, whose social butterfly nature doesn’t win any points in the woods. And the fallout of that means that Jackie sleeps outside in the freezing cold. In the morning, there’s only a Jackie popsicle remaining. Jackie’s death will surely leave its mark on teen Shauna in season two… especially as her due date draws nearer.

What Happened to Teen Lottie?

Teen Lottie Matthews is large and in charge when we leave the Yellowjackets team in season one. After the debaucherous Doomcoming, the ladies who participated formed a bond. And Lottie cements her place as the group’s leader when a large bear appears, but instead of striking, it falls at her feet. Lottie stabs the bear and brings home meat for all to share. And the myth (or is that magic?) of the wilderness begins to take hold.

Unfortunately for Lottie, we know she is out of the pills that she packed for the trip, a medication called Loxipene. The medicine she takes commonly treats schizophrenia. So we can expect that to play a role.

In the last scene of season one, presumed Antler Queen Lottie offers the heart of the bear to the woods. At the very end of Yellowjackets, she says in French, “Spill the blood, my beautiful friends.” The wilderness, we’re sure, is hungry.

What Happened to Teen Taissa?
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Taissa Turner’s attempt to take matters of rescue into her own hands didn’t go so well. Although it was a good thought, the team she led on an expedition away from the team’s dead-body-riddled cabin met with disaster. Tai, Van, Misty, Mari, and Akilah were attacked by wolves, and Tai herself found herself high in the air, stranded in a tree with no recollection of how she got there. Tai seemingly has some kind of disorder, possibly Pika, that gets triggered by stress which causes her to eat dirt and sleepwalk. Not very handy in the middle of nowhere.

During the Doomcoming, Tai and Van got closer, but their relationship seemed rocky in the Yellowjackets season one finale. Van’s readiness to devote herself to the occult wilderness theory clashes with Tai’s more logical approach. Although they hold one another close, we feel like season two of Yellowjackets might pull them apart. Also, as a rival leader, we worry Tai and Lottie might come to clash.

What Happened to Teen Van?

Tai’s wilderness expedition ended with Van being mauled by wolves, but happily, she survived the season. And thanks to the Yellowjackets‘ season two trailer, we know Van will also make it into adulthood. Van seems ready to commit herself to Lottie’s leadership. She asks to give thanks to the wilderness for the food it provided and kneels to Lottie’s right as she makes the bear heart offering in the Yellowjackets season one finale. We expect the bond between them to grow in season two.

What Happened to Teen Misty?

Teen Misty Quigley is actually having a reasonably good time in the woods compared to other Yellowjackets characters. And we certainly hope so because Misty’s crushing of the plane recorder in early in Yellowjackets‘ episodes is likely the reason the team is in this mess. Unless there are greater powers at work, of course. Misty crushed the recorder because she wanted to finally have some friendship and to belong, and we guess she might just get her wish.

The only thing that’s not jiving for Misty is her unrequited crush on Coach Ben Scott. In episode nine, “Doomcoming,” he rebuffed her advances. And Misty does not love a rebuff. We don’t see too much of Teen Misty in the finale, but she seems to be on the outs with the girls after inadvertently drugging them. And that’s why she’s smart enough to align herself with Lottie. Misty kneels to Lottie’s left in the final shot of Yellowjackets season one.

What Happened to Teen Natalie?

Teen Natalie was away from the core group during Yellowjacket‘s Doomcoming, but returned in time to see Lottie order Shauna to slit Travis’ throat. Needless to say, she isn’t thrilled. We bet Nat is not gung ho to accept the wilderness for all its beauty. As the core hunter of the group, though, they she’s necessary. Sophie Thatcher, who plays Teen Natalie, notes to EW, “Natalie and Lottie form a really tense disconnect. They’re butting heads ideologically.” Jasmin Savoy Brown (Teen Taissa) adds, “you’re either on Lottie’s page, or you’re not.” Chilling!

Teen Nat tries to reconnect with Travis in the final episode of season one, but, of course, he first rebuffs her before they end the episode on a conciliatory note. We kind of hope we’ve seen the last of this rocky wilderness romance.

What Happened to Teen Jackie

Poor Jackie. After steadily ostracizing herself from the rest of the survivors, Jackie meets her death in Yellowjackets season one. But how does Jackie die? Well, Jackie ends up spending a cold night outside which spells her doom. She doesn’t want to thank the wilderness for its gifts, after all. As she freezes to her death, Jackie has a dream of the cabin that could also be a vision, and she seems to be welcomed by the spirit of the cabin’s dead hunter. We do see Teen Jackie again in the future/present day, where she turns up as a ghost haunting adult Shauna. We’ll have to see if her spectral form makes another appearance in Yellowjackets season two.

What Happened to Child Javi and Teen Travis?

The characters of Javi and Travis have fairly unknown fates at the end of Yellowjackets season one. Last we saw Javi, he ran into the woods to hide from the mob of Yellowjackets. Travis stomped off alone to find him at the start of the final episode of season one, and we only glimpse him once more in the episode when he apologizes to Natalie.

Understandably, Travis might want some distance because the girls almost killed him.

What Happened to the Rest of the Team and Survivors?

The rest of the Yellowjackets survivors seem content to follow Lottie’s lead for now. The injured Coach Ben, meanwhile, still tries to intervene in matters that don’t concern him. But he gets a scolding from the Antler Queen in the season finale. We bet he realizes he’s all but powerless soon.

1996 Yellowjackets Timeline—What Happened to: Teen Shauna // Teen Lottie // Teen Taissa // Teen Van // Teen Misty // Teen Natalie // Teen Jackie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors
Present Day Yellowjackets Timeline—What Happened to: Adult Shauna // Adult Lottie // Adult Taissa // Adult Misty // Adult Natalie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors

2021/Present Day Timeline: The Yellowjackets in Trouble

What Happened to Adult Shauna?

Adult Shauna is not what you’d call well-adjusted. Shauna went on to marry her mysterious baby’s father (and best friend’s ex), Jeff. However, we don’t yet know the fate of Teen Shauna’s child; all we know is that it doesn’t get eaten.

Unfortunately, mistakenly thinking Jeff had an affair, Shauna started her own with a man called Adam. People speculated Adam might be Yellowjackets‘ adult Javi, but he really just turned out to be a regular guy. And now Adam is dead because Shauna gutted him and has committed murder (again?). In the Yellowjackets season one finale, Shauna and the team get rid of his remains.

What Happened to Adult Lottie?
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Who the f*ck is Lottie Matthews? All we know about adult Lottie from season one of Yellowjackets is that she’s alive. But season two will likely bring this character into the spotlight. Adult Lottie is played by Simone Kessell.

What Happened to Adult Taissa?

Adult Taissa outwardly had her life together at the beginning of the season, but that all deteriorated quickly. Taissa’s stress condition still plagues her, and she seems to take on another personality at times, possibly one related to wolves. During the Yellowjackets season one finale, Taissa’s wife Simone finds out that not only is Taissa making creepy alters in the basement, but she murdered the family dog Biscuit and put his head on display. Taissa has also been eating dirt again and climbing trees to stare creepily into her child’s room.

At the end of Yellowjackets season one, we see Taissa win an election for senate. And she gives a chilling smile. Could an evil spirit have followed Taissa home? We’ll see what Yellowjackets season two reveals about the character.

What Happened to Adult Misty?

Misty is sneaky, but she’s loyal and sure comes in handy in a tight spot. As part of the Citizen Detectives online community, she’s picked up a few tricks. In season one, Misty mostly helps Natalie figure out what happened to Travis and tries to get the gang back together. She helps Shauna get rid of Adam’s body as the season closes out. In season two, she’ll team up with fellow Citizen Detective Elijah Wood, and we’ll see what manner of tricks they get up to.

What Happened to Adult Natalie?
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Adult Natalie is in a bad way. She struggles with sobriety and everything that happened in the wilderness. But in season one, her story focused mostly on dealing with the loss of Travis, who she rightfully believes has been murdered. She almost gives up completely when a mysterious cult bearing Yellowjackets‘ mysterious symbol comes to kidnap her in the season one finale of Yellowjackets. The show’s framing lets us know Lottie is behind Natalie’s kidnapping.

What Happened to Adult Javi and Travis?

Adult Javi does not appear in Yellowjackets season one. This could be because he is dead or simply because we simply haven’t met him yet.

Adult Travis, meanwhile, died in the first episode of the season. This Yellowjackets character’s death was set up to look like a suicide. But Misty and Natalie discover that a tableau of Yellowjackets‘ mysterious symbol was organized at the scene of his death. Travis’ bank account was also mysteriously emptied. All of this also has something to do with Lottie Mathews.

What Happened to the Rest of the Team?
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Mari, Akilah, and the rest have not yet made appearances in Yellowjackets‘ present-day timeline. Although people suspect that Mari is the mysterious pit-girl character who died in Yellowjackets‘ first episode.

Adult Van does not appear in season one, but she will be in Yellowjackets season two. Lauren Ambrose will play adult Van.

How to Watch Yellowjackets Seasons One and Two

Now that we know where all the characters are and what the stories are doing, we’re ready to buzz back into the world of Yellowjackets. Yellowjackets season two releases on March 24.

If you want to watch Yellowjackets’ new and old episodes, you can do so via Showtime or Paramount+ with Showtime. Season one has ten episodes to enjoy and season two of Yellowjackets promises another nine.

1996 Yellowjackets Timeline—What Happened to: Teen Shauna // Teen Lottie // Teen Taissa // Teen Van // Teen Misty // Teen Natalie // Teen Jackie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors
Present Day Timeline—What Happened to: Adult Shauna // Adult Lottie // Adult Taissa // Adult Misty // Adult Natalie // Javi and Travis // The Other Survivors