We’ve reached a new evolution in food delivery thanks to Domino’s Pizza—and it’s one that makes sense. It’s not quite the instant replicator of our Star Trek dreams, but we have come a step closer to getting food to come to us wherever we are. Hopefully, a sci-fi machine is next, but in the meanwhile, Domino’s has taken the next logical step of the food delivery system. Now, thanks to its new “Pinpoint Delivery” system, Domino’s can deliver pizza to locations that don’t have real addresses, think the beach, the park, or the concert line. Here’s more about how this new Domino’s food delivery system works.

dominos pizza will now offer food delivery anywhere with pinpoint delivery system

According to a release, customers can just “drop a pin on the map and get pizza delivered virtually anywhere.” Additionally:

With Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, customers can receive their order at a countless number of dynamically created hyper-local spots without a typical address. Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery allows customers to track their order with Domino’s Tracker®, see their driver’s GPS location, view an estimated time of arrival and receive text alerts about their delivery. Domino’s will also alert customers when their delivery expert arrives at the pickup spot, at which time they can activate a visual signal on their phone, which will help the driver spot them.

With our phones broadcasting our locations at nearly all times, this seems like the obvious next innovation in food delivery. We can’t always be home when we’re hungry. Of course, we assume the caveat is that a Domino’s location still needs to be in range in order for us to get our pizzas at ephemeral spots. Of course, we’ll also have to have steady phone service in the place we’re ordering from. And obviously, in crowded locations, this could create something of a difficulty at the point of hand-off. Hopefully, those ordering from the beach will think ahead and communicate their locations well. Additionally, cash payments do not function for Pinpoint Delivery, and you cannot change your location once you’ve input it.

Ultimately, this form of food delivery, where food is delivered to a specific point instead of a specific address, will likely need to be iterated. However, it does seem like it’s the natural direction for food delivery to go. Domino’s is pretty good at staying at the forefront of delivery innovation. And we feel certain we’ll see it used as a plot point in a movie sometime soon. Food can often take a leading role, after all.

Domino’s Pinpoint delivery system is now available at “nearly all” locations.