There’s nothing that drives the completion of a big project more than solid, well-coordinated teamwork. This video of bees working together to pop the cap off a bottle of honey is a good example of that—albeit on a modest, flying insect level. Still though, watching these bees work to muscle their way into a bottle of honey is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that pays off better than some HBO shows we can think of….

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This video of bees collectively working to open a honey bottle cap was picked up by Laughing Squid. Although the original source of the video is unclear, it was posted to twitter by Earth’s Beauty, and has since gone viral with over 1.2 million views. (We can only assume that’s because there’s something about teamwork, or honey, that people are intrinsically drawn to.)

For those who aren’t familiar with just how extensive bee teamwork is, the honey producing insects are exceptionally efficient at working together. This is because bees are eusocial. That is, bees demonstrate the highest level of societal organization, as defined by characteristics such as cooperative brood care, overlapping generations within a colony of adults, and a division of labor into reproductive and non-reproductive groups. The below video from Love Nature does a great job of recapping all the amazing ways bees work together.

Love Nature’s video describing how bees’ eusocial colonies work. 

What do you think about these bees working together to pop the top off a bottle of honey? Is there a lot humanity can learn from bees’ eusocial teamwork, or should we stick to using them for their honey? And what’s the craziest feat you’ve ever seen a team of bees “pull off”? Let’s get some serious buzz going on this topic in the comments!

Feature image: Buzzta TV