July 4 might be the day America was born, but July 5 is when nothing came into the world–and that nothing went on to become one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. On that day in 1989, The Seinfeld Chronicles (which would soon get a shortened name change) debuted on NBC, and it’s doubtful anyone who tuned in to watch the pilot realized the show would become a cultural icon. Now, it’s the 30th anniversary and you can help make a Seinfeld LEGO set of Jerry’s apartment a reality.

This proposed set (that we learned about at LaughingSquid) was designed by Brett Waller. It’s a nominee at LEGO Ideas, where people can vote on fan proposed concepts. The Seinfeld base set would come with five mini-figs–Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and Newman–along with an “accurate recreation of Jerry’s Upper West Side Manhattan apartment using approximately 900 pieces.

If 10,000 people vote i n favor of it going into production then LEGO will consider making it a real set, though even getting enough votes is far from a guarantee for various reasons, including a potential licensing rights issues. It has received enough initial support so far that is has earned an extended time frame for voting, and as of this writing it has almost 3,000 supporters and a whopping 595 days left to get over the hump.

And that support has led Waller to design even more mini-figs featuring some of the show’s most memorable side characters, including the Soup Nazi, George’s parents Frank and Estelle Constanza, and David Puddy (in his 8-Ball jacket), and they all look incredible.

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The Festivus pole! Give. It. To. Us.

Do we hope this Seinfeld LEGO set becomes a reality? The 8-Ball says, “Yes,” and if you agree don’t forget to vote for it, because after 30 years you can help give birth to a a LEGO set about nothing.

Images: Brent Waller/LEGO Ideas