Here’s a bit of news that should make just about everyone who goes to Wendy’s during their lunch hour very happy. According to a report in People, Wendy’s has announced a new flavor for the spring menu, an Orange Dreamsicle Frosty, available starting on March 19. It combines Wendy’s Vanilla Frosty with orange cream, recalling the creamsicles most of us enjoyed during the summer as kids. In a statement, Wendy’s said, “The eye-catching orange color of this delectable treat was inspired by the spring season. And it tastes just as good as it looks.” After Frosty offerings for winter, summer, and fall, this will be Wendy’s first-ever spring-themed Frosty.

Promo image of the new Wendy's Orange Creamsicle Frosty.

As this is just a seasonal flavor, the Orange Dreamsicle will replace the Vanilla Frosty temporarily. Wendy’s iconic Chocolate Frosty remains on the menu. The classic Vanilla Frosty will return before you know it. In recent years, Wendy’s has started to release seasonal flavors at most of their locations. Back in November, they brought back the popular Peppermint Frosty, the very first holiday-themed frozen treat Wendy’s ever released. In the fall months, they introduced a Pumpkin Spice Frosty. And many Wendy’s locations overseas have much more varied menus when it comes to their Frosty selection.

The iconic fast food chain has been in the news a lot recently, mostly for reasons that made many of its prospective customers less than happy. News of Wendy’s new “Dynamic Pricing” did not go over too well recently, even if it wasn’t as bad as folks initially thought. It wasn’t really “surge pricing,” as many suspected. We’re sure the fast food chain is hoping news of the Orange Dreamsicle Frosty goes over much better with customers.