It’s happening… Everything old is new again. Predictions of streaming platforms bundling their services, as cable first did, bubbled up in the landscape for a long time. And although we have seen certain kinds of streaming bundles emerge, primarily between streamers owned by the same companies, we haven’t yet seen that kind of prophesied bundling… At least, until now. Verizon has introduced a streaming bundle between rival streamers Netflix and Paramount+. Of course, this offer is exclusive to customers of Version Wireless in the US. This bundle will allow users to purchase Netflix Premium and Paramount+ With Showtime at a lower price than subscribing individually to both streamers.

Verizon Bundle Combines Netflix and Paramount+ at a Lower Price_1

According to Variety, those Verizon customers who subscribe to the bundle will pay $25.99/month for Netflix Premium and Paramount+ With Showtime. On its own, Netflix Premium is $19.99/month, an incredibly expensive option. Meanwhile, Paramount+ With Showtime costs $11.99/month. All told, the new Netflix and Paramount+ bundle will save subscribers $5.99/month, which works out to be nearly 20% savings. When we look on the scale of years, that’s a lot of money saved.

The Paramount+ and Netflix combo is good deal, but it definitely flips a page in the streaming landscape. We wonder how many bundles we’ll soon see forming and whether their existence will ultimately help or hurt the consumer. After all, cable bundles seemed to become hugely unpopular after a time. And, essentially, we’re seeing that happen again here with streamer bundles. Still, it must be said that the amount of streamers and subscriptions one needs to keep up with all the media releasing is immense. Perhaps bundles done right could offer a relief from that. If you’re a Verizon customer who watches both Netflix and Paramount+, you’ll welcome this option and its lower price point.