Ticketmaster will no longer surprise you with an exorbitant, expensive shock at the end of your purchase. As we learned via Variety, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and other ticketing interfaces have promised they will now display the full price of a ticket upfront. Of course, Ticketmaster and the like will still have fees; the fees just won’t be hidden until the last minute anymore. And perhaps that will somewhat discourage the ticket-selling platform, famous for revealing its high additional fees just as a consumer is about to check out, from tacking on enormous extra costs. (Although probably not.)

Eddie Munson playing his guitar in stranger things 4. Ticketmaster will show ticket cost upfront, cannot have hidden fees any longer

Still, hopefully, this, at the very least, will allow consumers to more accurately understand what they’ll be paying and to plan accordingly… Whether that means planning to purchase or not to purchase a ticket. There’s nothing worse than seeing your total double after you’ve already imagined yourself at an event. Although a better step would be to move on eliminating Ticketmaster fees altogether, or at least moving to limit them, we’ll take the lessening of unpleasant jolts where we can get them. With any luck, this will just be the start of a better consumer experience when it comes to ticket buying from Ticketmaster and others.