Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for all types of theme songs. While sitcom themes are my faves (“Movin’ on Up” is a JAM), I also love a good tune to accompany fantasy and sci-fi adventures. Even those who aren’t familiar with Game of Thrones have probably heard its epic theme music before. The same can be said for Doctor Who’s strange yet delightful “dooo-wee-ooooh” tune and Good Omen’s ethereal waltz. Speaking of the latter, we stumbled across a version of it fans have to hear. During the 2023 BBC Proms event at Royal Albert Hall, the Huddersfield Choral Society and a lovely orchestra brought new life to the Good Omens theme song. And yes, it is ineffably great.

This song truly captures the essence of the adventures of Aziraphale and Crowley. The first two seasons of Good Omens have been quite the wild ride for fans. Hopefully, the show’s planned (but not yet confirmed) third season will move forward and bring this story of an angel and a demon who form an unlikely “friendship” (wink, wink) while thwarting an apocalypse to an end. I’d personally love to see these two dance to this version, although the original is forever a banger.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant smile on a park bench on Good Omens
Prime Video/BBC Studios

We hate to see a good thing come to an end. But it is better to 1) get an actual ending and 2) get an ending before said good thing goes off the rails. It is, after all, Neil Gaiman’s ineffable plan to end the story with three seasons. Thankfully, we will always have this orchestra version of the Good Omens theme song to vibe to.

Also, I totally want to be in that choral society collective now. I cannot sing well but maybe I can “ahhh” in unison.