There’s no doubt that there’s been a massive surge of new interest in The Last of Us recently. Season one of the Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey-led show proved to be a huge hit. And although many fans of the HBO’s The Last of Us series had already played through the games, many also discovered the world for the first time. And that’s why it feels exciting for many that The Last of Us Part I has finally arrived on PC. In previous, you could only play The Last of Us on consoles. But with a flood of fans ready to dive into The Last of Us‘ adventures, giving more avenues to access the game makes complete sense.

The Last of Us Part I game has released on PC
Naughty Dog

However, The Last of Us Part I hasn’t had a very smooth transition to PC. Reports on Steam indicate the PC version of the game currently crashes a lot and doesn’t seem optimized for the new platform. Right now, most of the thumbs are down. So if you want to play The Last of Us on PC, we’d probably recommend waiting a bit or preparing yourself for some issue-born frustration. Happily, though, help does seem to be on the way. The game’s developer, Naughty Dog, promises they are investigating the, surely, many reports they have received. Fingers crossed help is on the way. Hang on The Last of Us, you just have to survive a little longer.

With The Last of Us season one at an end and season two still far away, new fans will likely look to the games as a means to continue exploring the world. Hopefully, they can immerse themselves in infected very soon. And then the thrills of The Last of Us Part I on PC can be the chief source of terror… Not the horrors of a constant crash.