I believe in Ted Lasso. Like the titular character does on the Apple TV+ series, I also want someone to bring me delicious cookies at the start of every work day. Well, not cookies. Biscuits. Every single time Ted arrived for “Biscuits with the Boss”—and Rebecca reacted like a starving wolf standing over a fresh kill—I felt that. I need that. But I don’t need to hire the world’s nicest person to coach my soccer/football team to get my hands on some. One of our favorite YouTube chefs, Andrew Rea of Binging With Babish, has a new video showing how we can make them at home.

And that’s huge news for Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham, as the biscuits consumed while filming weren’t nearly as good as they looked.

Just like Ted Lasso, Andrew Rea has cracked the recipe to make scrumptious crumbly, buttery shortbread biscuits, the very same treats the coach brought his boss every morning. There’s a simple, easy, short version you can try, which would be great to make with kids. It requires just salt, butter, granulated sugar, and flour. But as Ted’s homemade biscuits are top tier, to make something special you’ll want to try Rea’s more complex recipe.

That involves baking with toasted sugar (my new favorite thing in the world) and browned butter. All the other ingredients are standard kitchen fare. But this batch is also coated in demerara sugar, for some extra delicious oomph.

Andrew Rea holds a shortbread cookie up to the camera in his Ted Lasso videoBinging With Babish

As much as we want to eat these—every day—the person who most needs this recipe is AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton. The actual biscuits Waddingham ate on set weren’t good. In fact, they were terrible. She told Variety that eating them was “the greatest acting job of my life.” Because snacking on one was “literally like sticking a piece of sponge in your face.”

That’s because they used what star Jason Sudeikis calls “near biscuits,” which are low sugar. That doesn’t make for a great tasting cookie. But Waddingham said it was necessary so she “didn’t just expand” while filming. Which is genuinely funny, because I wondered how anyone, even Rebecca, could eat cookies every day and still stay so fit. Turns out you actually can’t. You need to just pretend to eat them. Especially when shooting multiple takes.

Maybe I don’t know for a fact that I want someone to bring me buttery shortbread biscuits every morning. But I believe I’d still like to find out.

Featured Image: Apple