The Arrowverse is expanding, as it has been announced that The CW will officially bring Superman and Lois to series for the 2020-2021 season. This spin-off from Supergirl will feature Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role as Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch playing Lois Lane. The show will focus on the two as a married couple, raising their super-powered son Jonathan and another mysterious son who was revealed as an inhabitant of the new Earth-Prime created as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, with their newborn son Jonathan.

Warner Bros / The CW

With this being Kal-El’s first big headlining project since Man of Steel hit the big screen seven years ago, hopes are high that this show from producers Todd Helbing, Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns will give the Kents their proper due. But as a longtime Super-fan, there are some things I think definitely need to happen in this new series for it to be a success.

A Hopeful Superman

Warner Brothers / The CW

Although I mostly enjoyed Man of Steel and think Henry Cavill still has the potential to be the perfect onscreen Superman, Batman V Superman and Justice League did him no favors in the “beacon of hope” department. It’s been forever since we’ve had an optimistic, smiling Clark Kent on a regular basis on any screen, and it’s long overdue. Let’s have a Superman who inspires people, finds solutions to problems other than killing enemies, and inspires hope. Isn’t that what they say the S symbol is supposed to stand for?

Lois Lane, Badass Reporter

NBC Universal

While I am excited to see Lois Lane as a wife and mother, please let us not forget that she is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Daily Planet. She can juggle being a wife and mom while still getting the biggest news stories, and being acknowledged as the world’s best reporter. Powers or no powers, Lois Lane is a hero in her own right and she needs to be portrayed as one.

A Fun Family Dynamic

DC Comics

Some of the best Superman stories of the past few years have involved Clark and Lois raising their son Jon to be not only a superhero but a good person. In the comics, the family dynamic has been kind of like a smaller version of The Incredibles, and it would be great for the series to reflect that vibe. I want to see some crazy Kent family road trips! Maybe even through space and time!

The Super Sons

DC Comics

Another great aspect of recent Superman comics has been the friendship between Lois and Clark’s son Jonathan, a.k.a. Superboy, and Batman’s son Damian Wayne, better known as the fourth Robin. The two even headlined their own ongoing series for a while, Super Sons. Much like their dads, one of them is positive and energetic, while the other is moody and kind of a brat. (Can you guess which one’s which?)

But the two become friends and partners, and have one of my favorite friendships in comics. Rumors abound that they are casting for the part of Damian for the series, although that could be the mysterious new second Kent child. Even still, here’s hoping we see Superboy and Robin on the show having adventures.

A Worthy Lex Luthor

Warner Bros / The CW

We already have a Lex in the Arroweverse, as Supergirl has introduced us to Jon Cryer as Luthor already. Since Superman and Lois is a spin off of that series, we expect to see him face of against his nemesis many times. Despite his reputation as a comedic actor, Cryer has been a great Luthor, and arguably the best live-action version of the villain since Smallville. Although we want to see other Superman baddies get the spotlight, it’s high time we saw a better version of the Clark vs. Lex dynamic than what BvS gave us.

A New Costume

DC Comics

I think that Tyler Hoechlin makes for a terrific Last Son of Krypton, at least per the few Arrowverse appearances he’s made. But his costume is not that great. His cape has these weird buckles that attach to his shoulders, and his belt doesn’t look very Superman-esque. But a few tweaks and he could have a truly memorable outfit.

Maybe something akin to what Brandon Routh wore in Crisis on infinite Earths, minus the black? And if they wanted to bring back the shorts, I am totally okay with that. But even if the red trunks don’t come back, they should make sure Superman’s look remains as classic as possible. It should look like artist Gary Frank drew it for a DC Comics series.

Crossovers with Kingdom Come Superman

Warner Bros / The CW

Speaking of Brandon Routh’s version of Superman, we would love to see regular crossovers with his version of Kal-El and Tyler Hoechlin’s. Routh never got the chance to shine as his version of the character in Superman Returns, but if we get to see him develop in many guest appearances over several seasons of Superman and Lois, that would be amazing. Especially if he serves as the recurring “visiting uncle” to young Jon Kent on the show. And if every time we saw him we heard a little John Williams theme music playing? That would just be the icing on the cake.

Featured Image: Warner Bros / The CW