Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke emerges from his crashed snowspeeder during the Battle of Hoth? This may have been a lost detail in the intensity of the moment, but remember how crisp and nice his orange suit looked atop a white snow canvas? Remind yourself with the photo above if your memory is hazy.

Reddit user and Star Wars fan HaNDiCaPZaCH surely noticed, which is why he recently hit the slopes in an extremely impressive recreation of Luke’s snowspeeder suit. He posted a photo of himself in his custom snowboarding gear, the components of which he said we either found or made over the course of the past four and a half years. Check it out, it looks great:

If you Star Wars obsessives want to nitpick about minor details—and you’re Star Wars obsessives, so we’d expect nothing less—the black straps on the suit should actually be gray, since black straps are worn by X-Wing pilots, as Reddit user Raelshark pointed out. We also can’t tell how screen-accurate his boots are, but we’re also going to leave the guy alone because this looks amazing. Most of the other details are pretty spot on, from the helmet to the belt to the white vest… it looks good and is a worthy fan tribute, is what we’re saying.

We’d be thrilled to see this on the mountain, and that begs the question: Have any of you ever seen any other Star Wars-inspired winter gear out there in the world? Let us know in the comments, because we can’t get enough.

Featured image: Lucasfilm