A few days ago, Pokémon GO data mining sleuths discovered, deep in the game’s files, images for a new creature that nobody had ever seen before. The creature did look familiar, given that its body shape was very similar to that of transforming first-generation favorite Ditto, but with a lug nut on its head. Shortly after that, this mystery Pokémon started appearing in the game, although catching it usually led to it transforming into a Ditto. Now, the mystery has been solved. Nintendo shared a video that reveals the Pokémon‘s name: Meltan!

The video shows a conversation between Professors Willow and Oak, and when Willow shows Oak footage of Meltan being caught in GO, Oak remembers that he’s seen the Pokémon before in an ancient text. He then reveals the name of the mythical creature, and shows an archival image of Meltan on faded brown paper. As of now, this is about all we know in regards to Meltan.

What I personally find interesting about Meltan is that, for a few days, it felt like we had a legitimate Pokémon mystery on our hands, a la the pre-internet days. Back when we were kids on the playground spreading the rumor that using Strength on a truck near the S.S. Anne would make a Mew pop out, there was no real way to debunk that claim. Similarly, with Meltan, nobody knew what the heck was going on, which left fans with only one thing to do: Speculate, just like they used to.

What do you think Meltan’s story is? Speculate in the comments below!

Featured image: Bulbagarden