Up to this point, we’ve seen a whole lot of concept art for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, as well as a CGI-enhanced version that currently appears at the end of Disneyland‘s Star Tours ride. But on Christmas Day’s broadcast of the Disney Christmas Parade, we finally got a look at some actual, on-ride footage. We envy the actors who got cast in this thing—we certainly wouldn’t have to fake that level of enthusiasm.

Judging by what we glimpse, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, which boasts six-person, motion-simulating ride vehicles in front of a much larger screen; there will be more interactive elements that change the experience depending on your choices. (The ride looks to be something like The Simpsons ride at Universal.)Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, meanwhile, is one we haven’t been given much official detail on so far, but what was shown appears to confirm many rumors. As part of what Imagineer Scott Trowbridge calls the most elaborate ride they’ve ever done, you’ll get into a First Order Troop Transporter and travel the corridors and bays of a Star Destroyer in the midst of battle, ultimately coming face to face with Kylo Ren. It looks to have the trackless system previously utilized mostly in overseas rides like Ratatouille and Mystic Manor, taking you beneath the legs of AT-ATs that fire lasers. What’s not clear yet is if the live actors are just part of promotional materials, or part of the actual ride itself.And neither ride involves wearing 3-D glasses, which feels like a Christmas miracle.

Images: Disney Parks