Don’t worry, true believers: the new Avengers: Endgame official toy line from Hasbro probably isn’t spoiling anything you don’t already know from trailers and posters. You knew Captain Marvel was in the movie, right? And that Thanos didn’t totally get rid of the armor he put on that scarecrow on his farm?AVENGERS: ENDGAME Official Toy Pics Showcase New Looks for Marvel Heroes_1The action figures, however, strive for accuracy and affordability with the main line being $9.99 for a single figure, and $19.99 for two packs. Hulk and Thanos, are big dudes, so they’re $12.99, but offer more bulk for the extra three bucks.That is the most Banner-ish Hulk we’ve ever seen onscreen, so draw your own conclusions there.

Captain America and Captain Marvel double up in the line, with a two pack of them showing off powers, and single packs in more classic ensembles. The line overall allows you to collect the whole team, from newcomers like Captain Marvel to old-timers like a Chitauri from the first Avengers (not pictured yet, but mentioned in the official press release).If you crave more action from your toys, the 12-inch Power FX Titan Hero line, consisting of 12-inch figures priced between $9.99 and $24.99, gives your heroes and foes missile launchers, lights and sounds.

Note the “inspired by” on Black Panther’s box, which in this case basically means “from his previous movie and does not mean he’s going to be in the film, necessarily.”

Meanwhile, what Marvel fan’s life would be complete without your very own Stormbreaker? It should go without saying, but when playing with your friends, please don’t go for the head.Check out more pictures below for a fuller picture of the lineup, and remember, this is just wave one. Once the film has revealed more of its secrets, we’re certain other playthings and plastic powered people will be unveiled. Just wait till you see Zombie Obadiah…whoops, we’ve said too much.

(Totally kidding about Obadiah Stane. But it would be cool.)

Images: Hasbro