STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS Is Getting a Musical Episode and the Trailer Is Everything

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds hasn’t let us down in season two. The series has continued its behind-the-scenes mission of being excellent. Though we’re sadly approaching the end of the season, Paramount is seeing it out with a bang—or, we should say, a song. That’s right, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is getting a musical episode. Paramount shared the news at San Diego Comic-Con, along with a tease of the Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks crossover. We’ll see Captain Pike, Uhura, and all our faves belting it out, and the trailer for said Star Trek musical episode looks incredible.

Titled “Subspace Rhapsody,” the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds musical episode will feature 10 original songs. It will also have a “Subspace Rhapsody” version of the main titles. That will feature music and lyrics by Kay Hanley and Tom Polce. You can already pre-save the soundtrack too. As the first-ever Star Trek musical episode, Strange New Worlds is indeed boldly going. And from the looks of it, the cast is absolutely on board. We can’t wait to see everyone’s various singing and dancing talents. Plus, the trailer teases more than one La’an and Kirk moment. I really want this for La’an; she deserves only good things.


It’s always a treat when television series do musical episodes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Magicians, and Once Upon a Time all had stellar musical interludes, just to name a few. And this trope is made for Star Trek. While Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s “His Way” did have songs, Strange New Worlds looks to have some sort of interaction that makes the crew burst out in song. Maybe an alien compels them; it seems like something a Q would do. Or perhaps it’s some environmental effect. Whatever the reason, we are so in.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ musical episode, “Subspace Rhapsody,” will stream on Paramount+ on August 3.

Featured Image: Paramount+

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