The time has almost come for Disney Lorcana’s next set to arrive. The trading card game from Ravensburger continues to take inspiration from Disney animation to build a thoughtful game with consistently beautiful artwork. Ursula’s Return marks the fourth chapter of the game and brings with it more teamwork, strategy, boosting Hero cards, and playing with the Resist and Challenge keywords. Ravensburger sent Nerdist the Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Starter Decks, which combine Amber & Amethyst and Sapphire & Steel inks. They follow the general features of each ink, but if you’re at all a fan of Encanto, Amber & Amethyst will have your heart. Here are other highlights from the Ursula’s Return Starter Decks.

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return Starter Deck boxes featuring Mirabel and Anna on the boxes

Ursula’s Return Amber & Amethyst Starter Deck

Okay, okay. Did I enjoy the cooperative nature of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cards when they released in Rise of the Floodborn? Yes. Their abilities interacted and boosted each other in helpful ways if the right cards ended up in your hand at the right time. But it meant flipping through a lot of characters who look quite a bit alike. The Ursula’s Return Amber & Amethyst Starter Deck brings the same kind of dynamics but with the family Madrigal from Encanto. The variety of the characters, who are much more vibrant than the dwarves from Snow White, along with unique support abilities make for a magical deck with so much opportunity. The main drawback, if you can call it that, is Encanto songs will be in your head every time you pick up the deck.

Aubrey Archer/Ravensburger

As with any deck you build, the Ursula’s Return Amber & Amethyst Starter Deck has its hurdles. Mirabel Madrigal, Gift of the Family, can’t add lore to other Madrigals if you don’t have them in your hand. However, the 60-card deck has 23 Madrigals (if I counted correctly). I’m not calculating probabilities, but odds of having a Madrigal in your hand seem solid—especially if you can use your MacGuffin at the beginning to redraw some cards in hopes of getting a Madrigal. You can use the Madrigals to stack lore and get ahead quickly. Protect these angels with whatever you can.

Remember to try out the new Sing Together mechanic too, which lets you use multiple characters to sing one song.

The Ursula’s Return Amber & Amethyst Starter Deck includes the below cards. Cards marked with an * are from a previous release.

3x Agustin Madrigal – Clumsy Dad
1x Ariel – Singing Mermaid
2x Félix Madrigal – Fun-Loving Family Man
2x Julieta Madrigal – Excellent Cook
2x Mickey Mouse – Leader of the Band
3x Mirabel Madrigal – Gift of the Family
1x Mirabel Madrigal – Prophecy Finder
3x Prince Eric – Seafaring Prince
2x Rolly – Hungry Pup*
2x Sebastian – Court Composer*
3x Stitch – Alien Dancer
2x Heal What Has Been Hurt*
2x Healing Glow*
1x Look at This Family
2x Lost in the Woods
3x Antonio Madrigal – Animal Expert
1x Bruno Madrigal – Out of the Shadows
2x Camilo Madrigal – Prankster
2x Dolores Madrigal – Easy Listener
3x Elsa – Queen Regent*
2x HeiHei – Persistent Presence*
1x Isabela Madrigal – Golden Child
2x Luisa Madrigal – Magically Strong One
3x Marshmallow – Terrifying Snowman
1x Pepa Madrigal – Weather Maker
2x The Queen – Hateful Rival*
2x Tick-Tock – Ever-Present Pursuer
2x Poor Unfortunate Souls
3x Casa Madrigal – Casita

Ursula’s Return Sapphire & Steel Starter Deck

This deck does not have the Madrigals, so it’s slightly less delightful. However, as someone who played exclusively Sapphire & Steel for a while, I see a lot of potential here. Rather than a group of characters unifying the deck, a type of characters stand out: Heroes. Characters with the Hero descriptor bring multiple layers of stalwart and true with Resist and Challenger abilities. The Ursula’s Return Sapphire & Steel Starter Deck is the kind of deck that makes you feel pumped up to play—like you’re doing a training montage to “Eye of the Tiger” and so ready to quest while challenging your opponents.

Ravensburger/Aubrey Archer

Most of the cards here are fierce and ready to conquer the day, but you have some possibilities for lore as well. One of my favorites is Rapunzel, Appreciative Artist. She costs five ink, has three lore, and if you have a Pascal in play, she gains ward. Then you have the Dig a Little Deeper song card that lets you look at the top seven cards of your deck (seven!) and keep two. The catch is it costs eight ink and it’s not inkable. But you can use the Sing Together mechanic. It’s the kind of card you likely won’t get on the table often but when you do, it will be very satisfying.

Like I said, a lot of potential.

The Ursula’s Return Sapphire & Steel Starter Deck includes the below cards. Cards marked with an * are from a previous release.

  • 2x Mickey Mouse – Detective*
  • 2x Pascal – Inquisitive Pet
  • 1x Prince Phillip – Gallant Defender
  • 1x Rapunzel – Appreciative Artist
  • 2x Sisu – Wise Friend
  • 2x Transformed Chef – Castle Stove
  • 2x Dig a Little Deeper
  • 2x Seldom All They Seem
  • 3x Aladdin – Resolute Swordsman
  • 3x Ariel – Determined Mermaid
  • 1x Hercules – Beloved Hero
  • 3x Kida – Royal Warrior*
  • 2x Li Shang – Imperial Captain
  • 2x Ling – Imperial Soldier
  • 3x Mickey Mouse – Standard Bearer
  • 2x Mulan – Armored Fighter
  • 1x Philoctetes – No-Nonsense Instructor
  • 3x Robin Hood – Beloved Outlaw*
  • 1x One Last Hope
  • 2x Smash*
  • 3x Imperial Bow
  • 3x Thebes – The Big Olive

Ursula’s Return will release at local game stores, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, and select Disney Store retail locations on May 17, 2024. It will then be available from mass market retailers on May 31, 2024.