I have never watched a single episode of The Greatest American Hero. However, I have seen every episode of Seinfeld. Multiple times. That’s why the Greatest American Hero theme song has been stuck in my head for decades… but with the wrong lyrics. Believe it or not, I never stop humming “George isn’t at home.” His annoyingly catchy answering machine message is a part of my brain’s permanent earworm playlist. And now it can be part of an actual playlist. Seinfeld‘s soundtrack is getting its first-ever official album release.

The cast of Seinfeld tightly bunched up together below the show's logoWaterTower Music/NBC

WaterTower Music is bringing the original songs, tunes, and jingles of Seinfeld to stores on July 2. The show’s composer, Jonathan Wolff, curated the album. He selected numbers specifically with fans of the iconic sitcom in mind. You can find the full 33-song tracklist below. It covers the show’s music from the very beginning of the series right through its finale.

Everyone will recognize the sitcom’s iconic theme. But other tracks titles cite their specific episodes to help fans identify when they first heard them. Nevertheless, many will be instantly identifiable. Plenty of viewers will recognize “Kramer’s Pimpwalk” from the episode when he rocked Joseph’s amazing technicolor dreamcoat. They’ll also remember the tunes of “The Lopper” warning of a dangerous killer in the neighborhood. (Maybe.)

Having Seinfeld‘s official soundtrack will not stop “George’s Answering Machine” from playing in my head anytime soon. But it will make it sound better than ever.

Seinfeld Soundtrack Tracklisting
(All songs by Jonathan Wolff, with contributors noted.)

1. Seinfeld Theme
2. Seinfeld Theme (Highlights of 100)
3. Seinfeld Theme (“The Chronicle”)
4. The Jerry Show Theme (“The Pilot Part 2”)
5. Kramer’s Pimpwalk (“The Wig Master”)
6. Jerry the Mailman (“The Andria Doria”)
7. Himalayan Walking Shoes (“The Hot Tub”)
8. John Jermaine Jazz #1 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard
9. John Jermaine Jazz #2 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard
10. John Jermaine Jazz #3 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard
11. Kramer’s Boombox (“The Package”)
12. Jerry vs Newman Chase (“The Soul Mate”)
13. Cable Guy vs Kramer Chase (“The Cadillac Part 2”)
14. Noxin (“The Cadillac Part 2”)
15. Jesus is One (“The Burning”) – featuring Jack Diamond
16 Kramer’s Crappy Banjo (“The Muffin Tops”)
17. Peterman in Burmese Jungle (“The Chicken Roaster”)
18. TV Cartoon / Wheels on the Bus (“The Contest”)
19. Finale Suitcase Montage (“The Finale”)
20. Waiting For the Verdict Blues (“The Finale”)
21. This Night Show (“The Trip Part 1”)
22. Rock Music Video (“The Trip Part 1”)
23. The Lopper (“The Frogger”)
24. 1937 Wedding Cake Waltz (“The Frogger”)
25. Kramer Bachelor Auction (“The Barber”)
26. Rochelle, Rochelle the Musical (“The Understudy”)
27. Pier Contemplation (“The Invitation”)
28. Loud Dixieland Band (“The Mom & Pop Store”)
29. Scarsdale Surprise (“The Summer of George”)
30. Checkmate/Chunnel/Death Blow (“The Movie,” “The Pool Guy,” “The Little Kicks”)
31. Blimp (“The Puerto Rican Day”)
32. The Pain & The Yearning (“The Comeback”)
33. George’s Answering Machine/Greatest American Hero (“The Susie”)