Hey, remember Mega Bloks, Mattel’s alternative to LEGO? Now that you’re up to speed, Mega Bloks as you once knew it is no more, in a sense. The company underwent a rebranding about a week ago, so now, Mega Bloks is more about kids toys, while Mega Construx is focused on collectible products for adult collectors. We bring this up because Mega Construx is making a splash early, thanks to a new licensing agreement with Pokémon. That’s right: Pokémon Mega Construx are coming soon ( via Kotaku).

So far, details are scarce. In terms of images, all we’ve seen is the Pikachu and Pokéball combo above and this pretty spectacular bricked-out Charizard:

Kotaku reports that the new toys will become available this summer, and that the collection will start by rolling out first-generation Kanto Pokémon. Mega Construx also says that fans will be able to “build Pokémon evolutions” with the bricks, working up from Charmander to Charmeleon to that badass-looking Charizard.

“One of the coolest things we did was design a unique system that allows us to develop an endless array of buildable, articulated figures that really look and feel like the Pokémon that fans know and love,” Mega Construx Toy Designer Felipe Rojas said.

Bandai has released this Pokémon-branded Mega Bloks set in Japan last year, so this Mega Construx line isn’t entirely surprising. There’s not much to look at now, but we like what we’ve seen so far. What first-generation Pokémon do you think would look best given the brick treatment?

Images: MEGA Brands