He’s only been around for five years; however, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot known as Gritty has quickly become something of a celebrity. Mind you, we’re not exactly sure what kind of creature he actually is. He’s a big, orange, fluffy, googly-eyed being who looks like something that might have fit right in somewhere in ’80s McDonaldland. That’s our best description. But in just a few years, Gritty went viral, with videos of himself playing in the snow and even getting a makeover on Queer Eye. And now, via DesignTaxi, we’ve learned that the hockey mascot will be getting his own wall calendar. And you can see several images from the upcoming calendar, photographed by Pel Productions, down below:

According to the NHL, the Gritty calendar will show the big orange lug in a variety of environments, covering “cute, furry, and sexy” elements. We’re not sure how “sexy” these are but we are a tad concerned about what that means. So far, all we see is Gritty as Santa Claus (wholesome), a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day (also wholesome), and Gritty as a Thanksgiving turkey (wholesome and kinda weird). There is one photo where he’s crouched down on the ground and doesn’t seem to have any clothes on. So maybe that’s what qualifies as sexy in the sports team mascot world. We’ll go with it but we like the wholesome images more.

gritty in his wall calendar dressed as a leprechaun with a pot of gold

So how do Gritty fans get their hands on this upcoming 2024 calendar? They are going to have to put on their running shoes. Registrants to the Flyers Charities’ Gritty 5K run in October will receive first access to preorder the calendar. Proceeds from this calendar’s sales will go towards to the team’s favored charity.


This charity’s mission is to support local families affected by cancer, as well as helping to make games more inclusive. They haven’t photographed the entire calendar yet, so there’s time to get Gritty in at least one swimsuit shot. July 2024 photo anyone?