Westeros has one Iron Throne, but on House of the Dragon two people now claim it as their own. And that means civil war has come to House Targaryen and the Realm. The prequel’s season one finale made sure of that. The death of Prince Lucerys Velaryon killed any chance at a peaceful resolution to the question of succession. But we still have plenty of other questions for the show’s sophomore year. Here are the biggest ahead of House of the Dragon season two.

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Daemon Targaryen stands next to the head of hid dragon Caraxes on House of the Dragon

Important House of the Dragons Questions We Already Have Answers For

There are a couple of major questions about the show’s future we already know the answer to. That will let us focus more time on the many we don’t know.

Will There Be Any More Time Jumps in House of the Dragon?

Ollie Upton/HBO

The big time jumps of House of the Dragon season one are a thing of the past. Showrunner Ryan Condal has said there will not be anymore large passages of time between episodes going forward. House of the Dragon will be more like Game of Thrones in that regard. (And considering what we know about the Dance of the Dragons, the prequel could ultimately be even more condensed than its predecessor.)

When Will House of the Dragon Season Two Release?


HBO renewed House of the Dragon for a second season in late August just five days after the premiere. It will release on June 16 with weekly episodes for eight weeks.

House of the Dragon Questions George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood Can/Might Answer

House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood. But the series has already made major changes to the timeline and specifics around certain events. It can (almost certainly will in some cases) do the same in the future. So we only think we know the answers to these questions.

Who Will Claim Vermithor and the Other Dragons Without Riders?


Rhaenyra’s side has a big dragon advantage over the greens, but not in the way that matters. Most of their dragons lack experience in battle, and even more have no rider at all. Vermithor, the dragon Daemon sang to, is the biggest left without a mount. But there are others.

That includes three very wild, dangerous dragons. Who—if anyone—will claim them and what will that mean for the war?

Who Will the North, Vale, and Riverlands Declare Their Loyalty To?


Both sides have dragons, but they still need men to win this war. Especially the men who lead the Realm’s greatest and most powerful houses. Lord Boros of Storm’s End declared for Aegon, but Rhaenyra is counting on House Stark in the North and House Arryn in the Vale to support her.

She has reason to think both will, but Lord Grover Tully of (the vital) Riverlands is a wild card. Will Daemon’s dragon flight there be enough to bring House Tully and all its sworn houses to Rhaenyra’s cause? Or will the region fight for Aegon?

Is Mysaria the White Worm Still Alive?

Ollie Upton/HBO

Alicent and Larys Strong conspired to burn down Mysaria’s manse. She not only had spies throughout King’s Landing and the Red Keep, she was a valuable asset to Otto Hightower. But we never actually saw her (or anyone else’s) body burn. Is she still alive? If so, what kind of role will a powerful purveyor of spies play during the Dance of the Dragons? And might Mysaria’s past with Daemon influence her actions for or against Rhaenyra?

How Will Rhaenyra Respond to the Death of Her Son Lucerys?


House of the Dragon‘s first season ended on an ominous note. After learning about the death of her son Lucerys, Queen Rhaenyra’s resolve hardened. Any thoughts of peacefully ending the war died with Luke. But how exactly will a mourning mother respond now that she wants both her throne and blood? We doubt restraint will factor into the answer.

Questions Only House of the Dragon Season Two Can Answer

For as much as we think we know what’s going to happen on House of the Dragon, there’s even more we can’t predict. These are the biggest questions only the show itself can resolve next season.

Will Aemond Tell the Truth About Luke’s Death?


Aemond did not mean to kill Prince Lucerys on House of the Dragon. That’s a departure from the story told in the (unreliable) Fire & Blood. But is that the official story because it’s the one Aemond will tell? Will he lie and say he murdered his nephew intentionally? If not he’ll have to admit he’s not in control of Vhagar. Will he elect to look weak or be thought a dangerous kinslayer?

Will Rhaenyra Tell Anyone Else About Aegon the Conqueror’s Prophecy?


Aegon the Conqueror’s “song of ice and fire” completely changed Rhaenyra’s own story. But even though he was briefly Viserys’s heir, the King never told his brother Daemon about the prophecy. Does anyone else know about it? Will Rhaenyra share the Conqueror’s vision with more people? If so, how will that impact their support during the war?

Will Ser Laenor Velaryon Return in House of the Dragon Season Two?


Unlike in Martin’s books, Ser Laenor Velaryon is not actually dead. He only faked his death so him and Rhaenyra could be free from the duty that bound them to a life of misery. Since he only lived on the show, only House of the Dragon can tell us if he’ll ever return to Westeros and his dragon Seasmoke.

Will Halaena Targaryen Predict Other Major Events?


From cryptically foretelling of Aemond losing his eye to gain a dragon, to the civil war now threatening to tear her family apart, to predicting “the beast beneath the boards,” the new Queen of Westeros has proven herself to either be a prophetess, witch, or yet another Targaryen dreamer. Whatever she is, Halaena can clearly see the future. So what other major events will she see before they happen? And, more importantly, will anyone in her family ever realize they should listen to her?

Is Aemond the Real Father of Halaena’s Children?


One fan theory to arise during House of the Dragon‘s first season is that Aemond, rather than her brother-husband King Aegon, is really the father of Halaena’s children. Not all the “evidence” holds up to scrutiny, but some of it absolutely does. Aemond is also dedicated to his duties. Did he see protecting his sister and ensuring more heirs as part of his familial responsibilities since Aegon is an absentee husband? Does Aemond love his sister romantically? All of the above? Or is this just a fun theory without merit?

Is Lord Larys “The Clubfoot” Strong Actually a Warg?

Ollie Upton/HBO

The other major fan theory from House of the Dragon says Larys Strong is actually a warg who can inhabit the many, many, many rats of King’s Landing. That could explain why he knows so many secrets of the royal court. He’s a strange man ( and not because of his foot fetish), but is he even more peculiar than we thought? Is he really a warg like Bran Stark?

We have a lot of questions we need answered and it will happen soon.

Originally published October 26, 2022.

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