Flipping your fins you don’t get too far, but underwater scooters are designed to zip you around. Hold on tight to the Geneinno S2 for rides up to 2.7 miles per hour. That may not sound that fast but it is about half the top speed of Michael Phelps, who obviously swims much faster than the average person. Dart above coral reefs or dive down 100 feet to look at the world around you, right there on the ocean floor. Maybe you’ll even meet some friendly dolphins who want to play with you. And it won’t cost much, just $359 and you can begin your adventures under the sea.  

We saw this cool personal sea scooter on DesignTAXI. It only weighs six pounds and Geneinno touts it as being only slightly larger than a MacBook laptop at 19 by 10 inches (though it is also six inches tall). That’s still smaller and cheaper than the average personal underwater engines on the market. This one runs for about an hour. It also has a GoPro mount so you can share all your adventures with those poor unfortunate souls back on land. Interestingly, there’s an app that connects to the scooter. It includes a parental control function that can shut down the motors, which seems like a feature right out of a James Bond movie. Here’s hoping there’s no villains in your life waiting to disrupt your underwater plans.

A person in a wetsuit holds onto an orange scooter underwater

For the well-funded underwater enthusiast, there’s personal submarines shaped like a manta ray or like a giant underwater bubble. Geneinno also sells other ways to document your underwater adventures, like camera drones for $2,400. Or you could always just make a version out of LEGO. If you’re more of an indoor person and don’t actually want to get wet, you’ve still got options. There’s a great selection of underwater video games to spend your time with instead. 

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