Truly excellent fan merchandise honors the audience’s love for their favorite properties. Collectibles can be point-perfect, but they’ll always fall short if they don’t celebrate the powerful connection between fan and story. It’s about heart. And NZ Post’s The Lord of the Rings collectible stamps and coins are over-brimming with it. They are not only beautiful, but they feel almost reverent.

And like hobbits, there’s more to these beautiful pieces than meets the eye. Some might say these Lord of the Rings coins and stamps are full of surprises. We at Nerdist are proud to exclusively share that these incredible LOTR collectibles actually contain special Easter eggs.

NZ Post’s Hidden Odes to The Lord of the Rings

LOTR Stamps - secret message and full stamp, the Nazgul looms over the hobbits
NZ Post

These LOTR coins and stamps, which we’ve written about before, were created by NZ Post to honor The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’s 2oth anniversary. But NZ Post wanted to make this celebration extra special. So on every intricate stamp and gleaming coin lies a hidden line from the movie. As Gandalf might say, never underestimate the smallest of things.

NZ Post

Antony Harris, NZ Post Head of Stamps and Collectables, shares with Nerdist: 

It was Sacha Lees, the artist who created the stamps and coins, who suggested including Easter egg quotes in micro text. Sacha created NZ Post’s original Fellowship of the Ring stamps in 2001, back when she was working for Wētā Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. Wētā was a small, emerging company at the time which meant Sacha was required to lend a hand in all sorts of departments.

Ultimately, it was Sacha’s idea as the designer and visionary to add the micro text. To give the fans a surprise and add something special to the stamps and coins. We loved the idea. Initially, we weren’t sure if we could print the stamps and produce coins with micro text that small. However, after consulting with our stamp printers and the dutch mint we found innovative ways to make it work.

NZ Post

These hidden treasures make the LOTR coins and stamps even more special. The coins feel right out of the dwarven forges. And the stamps are so delicately made the elves would claim them proudly. It feels clear that Lees had great passion for the movies that she helped to create and brought that energy here. A big round of applause to NZ Post for helping her vision to become a reality.

At the bottom of this post, you can see all of the hidden inscriptions.

The “Nine Companions” LOTR Coin

Nerdist is also excited to share a brand new Lord of the Rings coin that will join its brothers in the collection. This coin honors the whole fellowship and its nine companions. From Gandalf to Boromir, from Legolas to Aragorn to Gimli, and the hobbits beside, every fellowship member comes to life here.

NZ Post

Behind the characters, the Misty Mountains (New Zealand’s Southern Alps) stand tall. And Elvish text surrounds the central image. This coin calls to those who feel part of the fellowship in their hearts. It will release in New Zealand on the exact day of The Fellowship of the Rings’ 20th anniversary, December 19. The coin comes in a 5oz silver proof version and in a 1kg silver coin version.

And, of course… it too contains secrets. 

NZ Post

Our Favorite Hidden Movie Lines:

Below, you can see all the secret messages written into every Lord of the Rings stamp and coin. These clever inscriptions let fans think fondly back on some of their favorite moments from the franchise. And they create the feeling of a little something hidden and magical. Here are some of our favorites:

“Speak Friend and Enter”
NZ Post
“Gandalf, my old friend… This will be a night to remember.”
NZ Post
“You cannot hide, I see you.”
NZ Post

The Lord of the Rings Coins: Full Set

To take a closer look at the hidden text on all the LOTR collectible coins, simply right-click each image and open it in a new tab.

The Lord of the Rings Stamps: Full Set

To take a closer look at the hidden text on all the LOTR collectible stamps, simply right-click each image and open it in a new tab.