Ms. Marvel’s first episode introduces us to Kamala Khan, a nerdy teen whose dreams of becoming like her beloved Avengers come true. After putting on a mysterious bangle found in a box of belongings from her nani, Kamala realizes she has some pretty cool powers. In fact, her first display of action is very public and, in classic Gen Z fashion, it goes viral. That’s not a good thing for Kamala, especially when the video catches the eye of a government agency who wants to track her down. In a Ms. Marvel mid-credits scene, we see two agents from the Department of Damage Control (DODC) who want to find Kamala for some mysterious reason. Hmm. Let’s talk about this scene and what we know about the Damage Control folks so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A still from Ms. Marvel's latest trailer shows Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel looking in shock at the camera
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First, a quick recap of what happens in the scene. We see P. Cleary, a face that Spider-Man: No Way Home fans will recognize. He tried to cop a ‘tude with Aunt May and manipulate Peter Parker’s buddies, too. He’s joined by Sadie Deever, a woman we’ve never seen before, as they watch a video of Kamala accidentally stealing the AvengerCon show with her powers. They admit that they’ve never seen powers like that. The clip ends abruptly with Cleary saying they need to “bring her in.” Oh nooo. Leave our precious fanfiction-loving sweetie alone! This certainly means we will see the Department of Damage Control in future episodes. 

What Is Damage Control and Are They the Villains in Ms. Marvel
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Damage Control falls under the Marvel organization S.H.I.E.L.D. and they do exactly what their name suggests. The organization cleans up the massive messes that this universe’s heroes make every time they save the planet. We have seen DODC at several points in the MCU, dating back to Iron Man when the collective made the Iron Monger mess go away.

In fact, the organization worked with Stark Industries to collect alien technology. So, like many entities, Damage Control isn’t sunshine and rainbows. With that said, Damage Control probably isn’t the villain or “big bad” in Ms. Marvel. They have comic sources like Kamran, whom we know will be in this series, for Kamala to battle. But they will make Kamala’s life complicated. There’s still a lot to learn about Damage Control and we can’t wait to see why they want to get in contact with Kamala.