When you watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon, you don’t expect to say, “What the hell?!” Out loud. Repeatedly. But it’s part and parcel when watching the modern Mickey Mouse shorts from executive producer and supervising director Paul Rudish (Samurai Jack, Clone Wars). Kicking off in 2013, the shorts run about four minutes each and put Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and their pals into some weird ass situations that will have you scratching your head. Minnie decapitating Goofy, leeches feasting on a naked Mickey, a theme park made of potatoes—that’s the least of it.

The amusing and stylized shorts will befuddle you, to be sure, but their offbeat qualities are what make them so fun. Here are five Mickey Mouse shorts you should watch:

“Mickey Monkey”

When Mickey and his friends take a trip down the river, a monkey steals Mickey’s identity and his friends don’t notice. “Mickey Monkey” features the naked Mickey incident I mentioned earlier, the monkey Mickey grooming Minnie, and other odd moments.

“Wish Upon a Coin”

Remember that time Mickey Mouse licked Bashful? No? It happens in “Wish Upon a Coin.” Mickey, Minnie, and characters from Snow White are thrown into disarray when Pete steals all the coins from the wishing well. So many silly and off color things ensue.


Dream with me for a moment fellow lovers of carbs: what if there was a theme park made of potatoes? It happens in “Potatoland.” Goofy longs to visit the mythical land, and Mickey and Donald Duck do their best to make it a reality–a twisted, gravy covered reality that pokes fun at Disney Parks.

“Split Decision”

When Professor Von Drake’s experiment to help Donald manage his temper goes wrong, Mickey has to deal with two very different Donalds–including a Hulk-like version that terrorizes townsfolk.

“The Birthday Song”

“The Birthday Song” begins innocently enough with Minnie composing a tune for Mickey’s birthday. But things go awry, and Minnie ends up decapitating Goofy. Please note his severed head on the floor at the end of the short.

Feel an itch to binge more of these shorts? Here’s the YouTube playlist. Knock yourself out.

Which of the modern Mickey Mouse shorts do you think are the weirdest? Do you like them? Head to the comments and share your thoughts!

Images: Disney

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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