For weeks, ranking among Nerdist’s most popular articles was this little number showcasing otters enjoying a popcorn machine. As a clicks-earner, it contended with the best of Loki theories and Dune news bulletins. And this should ring as no big surprise. People have adored cute animals since the dawn of time. Heck, we like them so much, we created an entire species—let alone hundreds of increasingly cute breeds thereof. So, in the symbiotic interest of pleasing our readership and earning those sweet hits, we vie again for that magic. Another collective of cute animals—this time: lemurs—delighting in another tasty treat—jumbo-sized popsicles. Behold.

We have Laughing Squid to thank for directing us to the video. And we have the good people at the Oregon Zoo to thank for putting the production together in the first place. As for whom to thank for lemurs, that’s between you and whatever grander belief system you subscribe to.

The video’s accompanying text gives us a little insight into the critters we see onscreen. Both ring-tailed and red ruffed lemurs are present and accounted for. Per the Oregon Zoo: Ring-tailed lemurs are ravenous omnivores, enjoying leaves, fruits, insects, and small birds and reptiles; red ruffed lemurs eat fruit and nectar, and pollinate their ecosystems by couriering pollen on their noses. You came for the cute and you got it.

A red ruffed lemur licks a large multicolored popsicle.

Oregon Zoo

I don’t have any greater wisdom about if and why humans need cute animals in their life; nor on the value of devoting even a few moments of your day to enjoying videos like that presented above. Maybe they’re a balm. Maybe they’re a distraction. Maybe the proclivity is ingrained in our DNA. Maybe it’s the decree of a higher power. Maybe there is no meaning to it, nor anything else at all. I have no idea. But I like it. And I hope you do too.