There are so many insects in the world it’s impossible to comprehend their actual numbers. There are just too many of them! Even if you could picture how many are out there you wouldn’t want to. Their actual population would make your skin crawl. Fortunately, we’ll soon have a way to enjoy their presence in a way that is much easier to keep track of. Both numerically and physically. LEGO’s latest set, appropriately titled “The Insect Collection,” brings three beautiful insects to life. And LEGO even created another special playlist to make having these insects around more relaxing than encountering a slew of real bugs.

Three colorful LEGO insects on a shelf
The LEGO Company

The Insect Collection is LEGO Ideas’ 50th fan concept to go into production. Designed by José María Pérez Suero of Spain, the set features a trio of colorful pieces. This LEGO set includes the Blue Morpho Butterfly on a branch in the South American Amazon Rainforest. It also sits next to a flower adorned with honeybee. Next is the world’s longest beetle, the Hercules Beetle. It rests atop a decaying log. You can also remove its wings and close its shell to create a different look. And finally, the LEGO Insects collectible comes with the Chinese Mantis up on a thin branch preying on a ladybug.

The LEGO Company

On their own, the three LEGO insects make for an aesthetically pleasing tableau of bugs. But LEGO also partnered with Foley artist Sanaa Kelley for what it calls a Green Noise “nature-inspired ASMR” playlist to accompany the set. The custom tracks consist of “LEGO clicks and sounds reimagined as the unique sounds of each insect.” You can stream it from a special site, which also explores the real-world inspiration behind Kelley’s work.

The 18+ display model set ($79.99) comes with 1,111-pieces. The LEGO Insect Collection will be available next month, starting on September 7. Our bet is it will be a very popular set. You have no idea how many bugs will want it.