It’s never too early to get a jump-start on the holiday season. This year celebrate with the magic of a Hollywood Chris! While a real Chris may not be on the guest list, now fans can have the next best thing, I’m Dreaming of a Chris for Christmas.

“A coloring and activity book dedicated to all things Chris,” this book, by Robb Pearlman, is sure to delight every Chris fan in your life. Publisher Smart Pop shares, “This ode-to-boy—uh, we mean joy—is packed with more holiday-themed colorable drawings, crossword puzzles, mazes, and cryptograms featuring celebrity Chrises from the worlds of Hollywood, music, and sports than could fit under any tree.” What could be better than that?

I'm Dreaming of a Chris for Christmas cover art of Hollywood Chris-es: Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans

Smart Pop

The holidays can be a very stressful time, and relaxing activities like coloring, puzzles, and crosswords will feel even more fun when accompanied by the presence of a Hollywood Chris. This book features Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Christopher Meloni, Chris Pine, Chris Rock, as well as others. In short, there are more than enough cozy Chrises to go around and keep away the wintertime chill. We personally hope to see Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweater somewhere in the pages of I’m Dreaming of a Chris for Christmas

Who knows, new traditions could even arise, such as singing “O Chris Pine Tree” or “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” One thing is for sure, you will have a great time as you rechristen your holiday season. It’s what the Chrises want for you, we’re sure! 

I’m Dreaming of a Chris for Christmas is now available for pre-order. The activity book will be available everywhere books are sold on November 2. So don’t miss this chance to put the Chris back in Christmas—or add it onto whichever holiday you love to celebrate!