Step aside, Life-size Barbie, it’s the age of the life-size Psyduck Poké plush now. I mean, who doesn’t need a 31-inch Pokémon plush of everyone’s favorite neurotic Pokémon to scare them in the night? We know we do. That is, if we can afford the price tag. It turns out this Psyduck Pokémon plush is priced at about $10 per inch. And that makes him one expensive plush. Still, Psyduck is so cute and snuggly; how can we resist? If you’re ready to incorporate a life-size Psyduck plush into your life, check out all the details below.

Life Size Psyduck pokemon plush feature image
The Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center shares, “Ready to add some charming confusion to your living room, collection display, or workspace? Clutching its head in perpetual perplexity, this Psyduck Poké Plush features a jumbo 31-inch height based on the in-game Pokédex. Send it into a pretend Pokémon battle, or pose it somewhere within sight so it can keep you smiling!”

The best thing about Psyduck is how relatable it is. We, too, constantly have a headache. So we suppose it would be cheering to have a squishy companion around who can share our daily woes. But, of course, as mentioned, this large Psyduck plush comes with a large price tag. The Pokémon stuffed animal will cost you $324.99. Phew, that’s a headache all on its own.

For those willing to splurge on Psyduck, the plush is now available for pre-order. According to The Pokémon Center, it will likely ship the plush in late October 2024. It’s a jump scare in the making just in time for Halloween; we love it. And secretly, we love this Psyduck plushie too. It’s Psyduck season, after all, given that the Pokémon just starred in a new stop-motion series titled Pokémon Concierge, and more episodes of the show are on the way.

Life-size Psyduck plush, here we come.