A Stop-Motion POKÉMON Series Is Coming to Netflix

The original Pokémon series is all about the battles. After all, you can’t become the greatest Pokémon trainer that ever was without some serious work and fighting. But a new Pokémon series coming to Netflix, Pokémon Concierge, wants us to take a breath, then release it. Because this Netflix Pokémon series is all about the vibes. Using stop-motion animation Pokémon Concierge invites you to relax, take a load off, and just enjoy the world of Pokémon.

Take a look at the show’s teaser below:

The first Pokémon Concierge teaser trailer really sets the mood for the series we’ll see on Netflix. It gives us the sound of lapping waves and the shadows of palm trees swaying in the breeze. Not to mention one adorable Psyduck in the middle of the action. We learn that this series is set at a resort for Pokémon, and they come to visit as guests. Hopefully, the Poké R&R is enough to give Psyduck a break from its headache. The new Netflix show, Pokémon Concierge‘s teaser reveals, will tell the story of the resort’s concierge.

The teaser’s description also shares more about what we can expect. It notes:

Introducing Pokémon Concierge, a new collaboration between Pokémon and Netflix featuring stop-motion animation by dwarf studio. Follow Haru, a worker at the Pokémon Resort, and Psyduck as they meet Pokémon and Trainers on vacation!


It sounds like we’ll get to see different Pokémon experience relaxing vacations. And honestly, what more could we ask from a show than that? The print on Haru’s colorful shirt pays tribute to the Pokémon Oddish. So maybe we’ll get to see one of those sunning themselves by the pool. Perhaps Ash and Pikachu might drop by for a well-deserved break after their final episodes as Pokémon‘s main heroes. Anything is possible.

When you have a world as rich as Pokémon‘s, it’s always fun to dive in and explore its more light-hearted and fluffy perspectives. And Pokémon Concierge sounds like it will give us all a restful treat. After all, its tagline is “I’m happy when you’re happy.” The Pokémon series does not have an official release date, but Netflix notes it is “coming soon.”

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