The world of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with all kinds of amazing mystical creatures. When I was a kid, I poured through my Advanced D&D Monster Manual, and I didn’t even play the game! I just liked having a reference guide to so many bizarre beasts to look through in class instead of paying attention. One of the most striking D&D critters from a visual standpoint is the gruesome Beholder. This floating evil eye has been a staple of the game since its earliest days. And now, you can actually eat one. Well, sort of.

Via Geeks Are Sexy, we’ve learned exactly how to create a delicious cake celebrating the memorable monster. It’s a confection that would be perfect for any celebration a hardcore D&D fan might have. The video above offers a step-by-step process on how to create the perfect Beholder cake, and comes from the folks at Sideserf Cake Studios.

According to the official D&D description, “a Beholder’s spheroid body is covered in chitinous plates, scales, or leathery flesh. Its great bulging eye sits above a wide, toothy maw, while the smaller eyestalks that crown its body twist and turn to keep its foes in sight.” I mean, you hear all that and doesn’t your tummy automatically start rumbling?? I know mine does.

This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Monster Makes for a Perfect Cake_1

Sideserf Cake Studios

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Featured Image: Sideserf Cake Studios