Emimi is an artist from Finland who has a soft spot for the distinctive style of ’80s and ’90s anime. And lucky for us, she uses that style for inspiration while drawing and painting some of her favorite pop culture characters. You might have seen Emimi’s ’80s-inspired anime take on Stranger Things and It last fall.

She’s back at it with a more family-friendly and just as delightful anime take on Dreamworks classic animated films Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, and Rise of the Guardians. Listen, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen ’90s anime Shrek.

Also, we’ll just go ahead and say it, ’90s anime Hiccup is hot. (The artist calls him an “edgy dragon boy” and we’re on board.)

Emimi walks you through the artistic process from start to finish in the YouTube video below.

“Dreamworks has some great movies,” she says in the video, “and I thought, let’s make them even better. Let’s make them anime!”

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Dreamworks Animation

Emimi admits that her quest to recreate the beloved characters in an anime style wasn’t an easy one. She shares the entire process from digital line work to inking to coloring in the time lapse. Using reference images like Hiccip and Toothless’s pose from the end of the second movie above, the artist refined and redrew each design until she was (mostly) satisfied with the results. We’re simply blown away with the level of detail and how much the style honors 90s anime and its eye-catching aesthetic.

Keep an eye on Emimi’s YouTube channel for more anime-inspired artwork; you’ll also find fan art of This Is Not Okay and Disney classics in her gorgeous style.

Featured Image: Dreamworks Animation

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