Believe it or not, we are getting more Doctor Who very soon. It seems only yesterday that the show’s thirteenth season ended with a bang after a six-episode story arc. Thirteen, Yaz, and Dan are coming back after only a few short months with the second of three 2022 specials… And boy does it look like a good time. Legend of the Sea Devils brings back a Classic Doctor Who foe and delivers excellent pirate-y fun in its trailer. 

Somehow, our TARDIS trio is on a pirate’s ship. Dan looks both cool and also slightly ridiculous in his swashbuckling getup and I am personally not mad about it. They see a large sea monster coming their way, to which the Doctor says their infamous classic line: “That’s impossible.” I mean, don’t we know that any and everything is possible at this point?

We meet Madame Ching, a Chinese woman pirate who is actually based on a real person. She sailed the South China Sea in the early 1800s, leading a group and wreaking havoc. And she supposedly became one of the most successful pirates in history and lived a quiet life after retirement. Definitely the kind of person that the Doctor would hang out with. 

thirteen, yaz, and dan face an oncoming threat in doctor who legend of sea devils traIler

They all team up against the Sea Devils, who look awesome after decades away from the show. Timey wimey things ensue, jokes are made, and we even get a little Thasmin banter in the mix. All in all, Doctor Who hints at a good time in its Legend of the Sea Devils trailer with aliens, pirates, and making a last-minute plan to save a ship. These little bites are the perfect way to keep fans in this universe as the show readies another season after a farewell to this Doctor. The special airs on BBC and BBC America on April 17, so swashbuckle your seatbelts and get ready for another fun ride.