A couple of years ago, artist Anastasia Ivanova wowed us with her fan art of MCU characters reimagined as iconic Disney villains. We couldn’t get enough of the art, and neither could the internet. This is why we were all so excited when Ivanova returned with round two of her stunning work. Vol. 2 of this fan art once again combines Disney and Marvel characters into the multiversal forms we need to see. Honestly, Disney and Marvel Studios should be taking notes (and getting ready to give credit where credit is due). This time around, the fan art set again features mostly MCU characters as Disney villains, but we feel Bruno counts as more of a hero. Let’s take a look at these amazing pieces of art which allow the worlds of the MCU and Disney to meet.

MCU Characters Become Disney Villains and More

MCU Marvel Characters as Disney villains and heroes, including Loki as Maleficent, Moon Knight as Bruno, and Daredevil as Queen of Hearts
Anastasia Ivanova
Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil, as the Queen of Hearts

First up in this Disney/Marvel fan art collection, we have Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock as The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts. We love this take on Daredevil’s red and gold MCU suit. It transforms into a regal suit of armor in all the best ways. Plus, Matt Murdock does have that royal swagger. And his red glasses are just the right color to suit the Queen of Hearts. Plus, we can all agree Matt Murdock is the ruler of our hearts, especially after his She-Hulk turn.

Moon Knight as Encanto‘s Bruno

Next, we get to see Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant/Marc Spector/Moon Knight embody Encanto‘s fan-favorite character Bruno. We do not talk about Moon Knight, anyone? Except we’ll never stop talking about this Disney/MCU mashup art. Like Bruno, Marc Spector is haunted by powers beyond his understanding. We hope he’ll eventually be able to find true peace as Bruno does. But to learn more about that, we’ll need a Moon Knight season two. Then we can see what Khonshu and Jake Lockley have to say about it.

The MCU’s Baron Zemo as Disney’s Cruella de Vil

Baron Zemo is a bit of a prima donna, as we see in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He likes the finer things in life, and he’s very good at playing puppet master. In this piece of fan art, the Marvel villain becomes perhaps more of a puppy master as he transforms into Disney’s Cruella de Vil. Honestly, Zemo should consider adopting this new Disney-fied look if he returns to the MCU. He already wears a fur collar on his coat. Lean in, Baron Zemo! Just leave any and all puppies alone.

The Grandmaster as Ursula

The Grandmaster as Ursula? We can get deep into this MCU Disney crossover art. Honestly, it feels like the Grandmaster would steal someone’s voice for fun and then mess around with them until they forever belong to him. He does that in Thor: Love and Thunder. The Grandmaster orchestrates Thor’s hair being cut, and that is basically like Ursula taking Ariel’s voice. Plus, we know the Grandmaster wouldn’t mind having all those extra limbs. They suit him.

The MCU’s Black Widow as Disney’s Prince Hans

Although the MCU’s Black Widow is not nearly as villainous as Disney’s dastardly Prince Hans from Frozen, we sure do love her look in this art. The Black Widow logo pin is absolutely genius, and NatasHans’ hair is a masterpiece. While Black Widow warms up throughout her time in the MCU, it is fair to say she is ice cold when the situation calls for it. She and Prince Hans definitely share that in common.

Marvel’s Loki as Disney’s Maleficent

Last, but certainly not least, this art collection brings us the MCU’s Loki as Disney’s Maleficent. We got to meet several Loki variants in Loki and might meet yet more in season two. But this is absolutely the one Loki we’d like to see join the MCU. Loki and Maleficent share a certain goth aura that this fanart perfectly captures. We could also opine they are both misunderstood villains of a sort. And although Loki might trade a raven for an alligator, he sure does love his horned headpieces.

Fingers Crossed for More Marvel/Disney Mashups to Come

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova’s second volume of MCU/Disney mashups were just as brilliant as the first. What a special treat for fans of both franchises. And although we don’t yet know if we’ll get a volume three, we can only hope. Maybe this time we’ll see a few more heroes become heroes. T’Challa as Prince Charming, anyone? How about Thor as Rapunzel? We’d honestly be happy with any more of this crossover. And hopefully, we’ll meet the MCU Disney realm sooner rather than later.