Freaky and fabulous? Now you’re speaking our language. And that’s exactly why we love the Monster High Skullector series from Mattel. It reimagines horror icons through the lens of Monster High’s boospoke fashions and style. The Monster High Skullector series has brought us incredible fashion-forward dolls of horror legends like Elvira, Annabelle, Chucky, and Tiffany, and now two more will join their ranks. Just in time for this Halloween season, Monster High Skullector brings us The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ leading duo like we’ve never seen them before. Take a look at these hauntingly glamorous Jack Skellington and Sally dolls.


Honestly, it’s hard to believe that these Jack Skellington and Sally dolls aren’t just drawings on a page. They’re so beautiful and intricate that they barely look real. But real they are, and they’re ready to join your Halloween Town.

A release from Mattel shares more about these Jack and Sally dolls. It notes of The Nightmare Before Christmas collection:

Just in time for the holidays, we’re paying homage to Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas with this Skullector set. Disney’s Jack Skellington and Sally make a hauntingly handsome couple in boospoke fashions with a signature Monster High twist… Disney’s Jack Skellington and Sally are a lovable duo in haunting details that will make you scream with joy. Disney’s Jack Skellington radiates ghostlike charm in a stylized skeleton body. He wears a pinstriped suit with a skull motif, his bat bow tie, and Spiral Hill-heeled oxfords. Sally’s vibrant red hair and stitching details complement her gore-geous face sculpt, topped by a thistle, and bow headband.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasJack and Sally have always been style icons, so we’re glad someone is taking the time to really appreciate them. Alongside everything else mentioned in the official description, we also have to give a shoutout to the heels that Monster High Skullector Sally wears. They carry a little poisonous Easter egg. We just hope Mattel will make adult-sized versions of these Monster High Skullector looks because we would wear them.

That’s the fanciful stuff. As for the more practical details? Monster High Skullector Dolls, Jack & Sally from Disney’s Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will cost $90. The dynamic duo originally released on October 27 via the Mattel Creations website but are now sold out. Hopefully, Mattel will see the demand for these Jack & Sally figures and release another run. They are also perfect for the Christmas season, after all. If you managed to snag them, then it’s time to cue up “Jack & Sally’s Song” and prepare for the arrival of your lovely new dolls. If not, well, The Nightmare Before Christmas is worth watching either way.

Originally published on October 25, 2023.