For the past six years, we’ve been waiting to see the outcome of Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones and plan for universe-scale domination.  Avengers: Infinity War finally brought us there. And unsurprisingly, Thanos’ arrival on Earth in the latest Marvel feature was a devastating one. And while many died or were injured across the galaxy as he hunted for the Infinity Stones, things got pretty bad once he collected all six and let out that devastating snap of his fingers. Half of the universe’s population ( including animals) was destroyed in an instant, including a huge chunk of the Avengers. It was a devastating blow, but let’s not sit and focus on the grief of those heroes we lost. Instead, let’s make Thanos’ finger snap a bit more personal. Friends, how do you think you would have fared if you lived in the MCU? Do you think you’d be one of Thanos’ victims, or would you be one of the lucky survivors?

via GIPHY Thankfully, we no longer have to wonder if Thanos would have taken us out for the good of the universe or if he would have spared us. Now, we can find the answer on the internet. Yes, in this golden age of technology we can not only find limitless information with the simple click of a button, but we can now know if we, too, were killed by Thanos. On a new website with the very apropos URL DidThanosKill.Me, you can find the answer to your fate after Thanos’ scourge upon the world. Just as quickly as Thanos snapped his fingers to wipe out half of the population of the universe, you can find out if you were among the fallen. Simply head to the URL, and the site will tell you if Thanos spared you, or if you were killed for the Mad Titan’s so-called “greater good.” And, though you may wish to change the hand fate has dealt you, you must live with the outcome fate has granted you. Refreshing the page will not change your outcome one way or the other, so either make your peace with your doom or embrace your survival.

Now if only this website could tell us which of the Avengers are permanently dead…

Feature Image: Disney/Marvel