Fans and critics are loving Superman and Lois new take on the Man of Steel. Technically a spin-off of the CW’s Supergirl, the series focuses on the Kents, who have to move back to Smallville after a family tragedy. Several Easter eggs referencing comics and other Superman media make it into episode one. And luckily, The CW and DC Comics tweeted them all out for fans who missed them.

Superman and Lois recreates the iconic Action Comics #1 cover from 1938.

The CW / Warner Bros. / DC Comics

The show’s opening moments recap the classic legend of Superman as we know it. We see the traditional beats; in other words, we see Kal-El landing in Kansas, Lois and Clark meeting for the first time, and Superman’s Metropolis debut. Almost right away, the references start flying. (No pun intended.)

To begin with, we see Superman wearing his costume from his 1940s Fleisher cartoons. A first for any live-action Superman. Clark lifting the car is a direct reference to the cover of Action Comics #1, Superman’s first ever appearance. Plus, we’ve got Supes in red trunks again! It’s about time, we say.

Next, Lois Lane mentions The Daily Planet sports reporter Steve Lombard in the scene where Clark loses his job. In the comics, Lombard often gives Clark Kent a hard time, calling him a wimp. We bet Superman and Lois skips all that, and this is all we hear of that jerk.

Following that, we see teenager Jordan Kent actually playing the game Injustice 2, which features Superman prominently. A game whose very existence within the Arrowverse is maybe best not to think about too much.

Viewers can see the names of Superman’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, on a blackboard behind Clark as he talks on the phone. It should be noted that Richard Donner, director of Superman: The Movie (and most of Superman II), is written in there as well.

During a phone call with Clark, we hear his mother Martha Kent mention someone named “Doc Frye.” Superman: The Movie namedrops Doc Frye as Jonathan Kent’s doctor who warns him about his heart problems. Clearly, not that diligent of a doctor in either reality.

Subsequently, a reference to the long-running Smallville series pops up in (where else?) the town of Smallville. There’s a pennant for the Smallville Crows football team—which was created for that show—on the wall in Clark’s childhood bedroom.

At this time, Clark reveals his true Kryptonian identity to his sons by lifting a truck high in the air. Undoubtedly, this is a reference to how baby Kal-El reveals his unusual nature to his adoptive parents in Superman: The Movie.

The nuclear plant that Superman saves is the same one where DC superhero Firestorm got his powers in the comics. Firestorm didn’t receive his powers like this in the Arrowverse; his TV origin is seen way back on the first season of The Flash.

Towards the end of the episode, we get another comics nod. This comes in a scene taking place in an outdoors locale called Shuster Mines. This is named for Superman’s co-creator, and it’s a place where kids hang out in the town of Smallville.

And those are the just the Easter eggs they released! We’re sure there are more. Superman and Lois airs Tuesdays at 8PM on the CW.