“Something’s coming.” Star Wars fans know what’s coming for the New Republic. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we also know what’s coming to Disney+ this summer. Ahsoka will give one of the franchise’s greatest characters a chance to star on her very own live-action show. But Rosario Dawson’s Togruta isn’t the only hero from Star Wars Rebels we’ll be seeing there. Ahsoka‘s intense and ominous new trailer released at this year’s Celebration marks the live-action debut of Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones from the animated series coming to the show. Grand Admiral Thrawn is back, too. And while he’s not the only villain ready for a fight, he is ready to take up the mantle of an Empire that refuses to die. Take a look at Ahsoka‘s teaser trailer.

Don’t tell Lucasfilm, but they simply could have released photos of Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla, and we would have been grateful. We’re glad they gave us so much more than that, though. This Ahsoka trailer is packed with big teases, fearsome villains, and major locales. Somehow the presence of Thrawn himself isn’t even the most exciting part of this trailer.

Ahsoka trailer bring Star Wars rebels characters Sabine Wren and Hera Syndull to live action

That goes to the part where Ahsoka might be meeting Ray Stevenson’s still-unknown villain (just one of the many foes filling this teaser). They might be meeting in the World Between Worlds, a place outside of time Ahsoka visited previously on Star Wars Rebels. If that’s where series writer Dave Filoni is taking us in live-action Ahsoka, we’re going to need a cold shower.


This Ahsoka teaser trailer also reveals there’s some animosity between Sabine and Ahsoka. The latter seemed to give up the search for missing Jedi Ezra Bridger so she could track down Thrawn instead. Clearly, Sabine is still focused on her friend. (And also her art. Keep an eye out for all of Sabine’s drawings, which include some amazing Rebels Easter eggs.) It also looks like we’ll be getting a live-action take on the animated show’s most important planet, Lothal.


Meanwhile, the great hero Hera Syndulla never gave up fighting for the galaxy. She seems to know exactly what type of danger is hiding out there. It’s a threat so many others in the New Republic want to ignore. At least Mon Mothma seems to be taking it seriously. And hey! Chopper is here to help! (Maybe. He could just be here to annoy his crew.)

Filoni also serves as executive producer on Ahsoka along with Jon Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson, and Carrie Beck. What other surprises does he have in store for us? We won’t know until this summer. Ahsoka comes to Disney+ on August 2023—unless we can figure out how to travel in the World Between Worlds before that.