Of all the characters in the MCU, Iron Man always seemed like the most plausible to maybe, maybe be possible in reality. At least in some more down-to-Earth form. It’s a lot more likely that a real life Tony Stark out there somewhere with the proper resources could build some kind of amazing high-tech suit of armor that flies than someone gets a super soldier formula, or finds a magic hammer. Now leave it to former Mythbusters star Adam Savage to prove that an Iron Man suit that actually flies can be built for real. As you can see in the video below, it actually hovers more than flies, but that’s still close enough to be pretty dang cool.

Savage’s real life Iron Man suit will be showcased in his new Discovery Channel series titled Savage Builds. Savage initially got the idea to make the Iron Man suit once he learned about a 3D printing company called EOS, who have the ability to 3D print titanium. The suit is made from a form of thin titanium and not actually from iron, but that’s just in keeping with canon. After all, i n the original Iron Man film, Tony Stark describes his suit of armor as not actually being iron, but made of “a nickel-titanium alloy.”

Just like the fictional Tony’s armor, this one is bulletproof too; Savage tests its sturdiness against several different guns. The jetpack from Gravity Industries uses five 1,000-horsepower miniature jet engines attached to the suit. And Marvel Studios were good sports about the whole thing, and provided the actual design dimensions from the films, for as much accuracy as possible. Savage Builds is now available to stream on the Discovery Channel, where you can see Adam Savage’s Iron Man inspired build in its entirety.

Images: Discovery