What’s the worst day you’ve had at work this year? Boss ream you out in front of your colleagues? Failed to get that big promotion you were hoping for? Some amoral monster steal your sandwich from the break room fridge?! Those all sound truly awful, but you can at least take comfort in one thing—you didn’t accidentally spill 44,000 pounds of metal balls down a Seattle street.In a story we can laugh at because no one was hurt, a truck driver lost his large load of two-pound metal balls (stop it) down a hilly street in Seattle damaging a number of cars, in what can best be described as a slapstick comedy come to life.

KOMO News in Seattle has more on the story, including how it took work crews hours to clear away the balls, which resemble candlepin bowling balls (Google it) in size. Rather than knock down pins, they are used to crush rocks.

So how did this happen? We think a certain troll might have been responsible.
I was wrong—this wasn’t a slapstick comedy come to life, it was a fantasy musical. Hopefully my bosses don’t come down on me too hard for that mistake though. Not like I sent thousands of metal balls crashing through the office.What other movie does this remind you off? Roll into our comments section below to tell us.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm