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Zombie Chris Hardwick Sez “Web Sooooooup!!!”

This is when I was a zombie. I got better! I swear! Now I only get semi-erect when I think of brains. If THAT. I’m fine.

Watch an ALL-NEW WEB SOUP tonight at 8p ET immediately following Attack of the Show! Nut-smashes! Gross stuff! And Community & Mad Men‘s Alison Brie stops by to show some adorable clips that are sure to make everyone hug a puppy.


Image: Chris Hardwick/G4

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  1. Aaron says:

    *sob* I cannae watch the Web Soup anymore. I miss you so much Chris Hardwick. Curse you Comcast!!!

  2. Patti says:

    Yay! By some miracle of technology, I can now see Zombie Chris Hardwick! Nice!! Loved that opening episode for season 3!
    Can’t wait to see ya do stand-up on June 10th, Chris!

  3. @thefretboard says:

    “‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night!”

  4. Double R says:

    AFT! That show shouldn’t have been left to die in the first place! Was it really NINE months between season 2 and 3? That would mean the last time you were on, Olivia Munn was still on AOTS!

    Too bad you didn’t bite the neck out of the real Douche.0. Wait… he doesn’t have any brains! Why’d you go after him?

  5. James Mcgill says:

    Hey chris, SYFY showed two episodes of Web Soup the other week. Is Comcast going to be showing your show more on other channels? And is there any chance my other two favorites (AOTS and X-Play) might get the same treatment. I have Directv and i miss watching you guys and the individual clips G4 makes available on-line isn’t enough. I NEED MY NERD NEWS.

  6. Josh from Europe says:

    OOOh scaaaaryy NERD

  7. Luanne says:

    I can’t believe Rose McCaffrey is gone! *tear*

  8. Three Toes of Fury says:

    @$#@#…the rube-golbergian electrical setup i have to try and record websoup messed up last night.

    Chris: i havent figured out G4’s patterns yet: do they repeat the wed night shows at all during the next week?

    Peace .n. Lasties!

  9. Angelo says:

    It’s a beatiful mask for hallowen!!!

  10. Livius says:

    I don’t have G4.
    But I do have Syfy.
    Watching last weeks Episode right now…

  11. Derek says:

    I get semi-erect when I think of Chris Hardwick.

  12. Sara says:

    luckily the hair escaped unscathed.

  13. R V Kremer says:

    I gotta tell you, the web soup tombstone gave me quite the chuckle.

  14. That’s great, love how you’re crawling out of from the Web Soup grave…IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE for another season!

  15. @gimmeswag says:

    Joe lewis: maybe not gay but definitely not straight.

  16. Jeff says:

    Sahweet! But I’m not scared…

  17. Boxerguysd says:

    I just started watching Websoup after I saw ya on Craig Ferguson’s show, and you’re pretty funny. I know this ‘cuz I’m hilarious. Anyway, when are ya coming to San Diego to do your stand-up stuff????

    PS The zombie makeup—-good.
    You’re comments underneath—–great!!

  18. Wesley Marshall says:

    Does zombie Chris Hardwick have a zombie nerdist podcast with zombie Jonah Ray and zombie Matt Mira?

  19. Big deal! I look like that when I wake up every morning…

  20. Patti says:

    For some unknown reason, I can’t see the picture. I just get a broken image logo thingy. *see how not techy I am* It’s not fair! *pouts* I wanna see zombie Chris Hardwick.

  21. Eulissa says:

    is it wrong that i’m not completely repulsed? most likely,but i don’t care. you are even more awesome because of this!

  22. smartbunny says:

    Jonah knows how to kill yoooooooou! Swim! Swim!

  23. @thetownhero says:

    I bet you Matt was super upset he didn’t get to live out his fantasy as a zombie

  24. Luanne says:

    Zombie, huh? Are you sure it’s not a rage virus?

  25. Joe Lewis says:

    Dont you mean “gay zombie Chris Hardwick”? Thats what I see. Just saying…

  26. Austin Ford says:

    I’m gonna be honest. This scared me a good bit. It’s like your hand was reaching out to pull my soul into my computer.

  27. Shany Conroy says:

    lol You’re still hot, Chris.