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Yup: Frank Underwood Would Totally Win in The GAME OF THRONES

You know who would give the Lannisters, the Baratheons, the Starks, and the last remaining Targaryen a run for their money? Francis Underwood, the protagonist and most deliciously devilish of evil-doers on Netflix’s House of Cards. Because, as evidenced by the hilarious new video from Quiznos (yes, that Quiznos) spoofing the HBO series Game of Thrones, the Kevin Spacey-made mastermind’s ruthless ways would be right at home in Westeros. In fact, we dare say his machinations would cause Cersei to swoon for somebody other than her brotherlover.

With a spot-on accent, a dragon named Stamper (aww, poor Doug. At least becoming a dragon is better than his current, uh, predicament), a ton of Tyrion-focused height puns, and a Zoe Barnes-ish fate for poor, poor Jon Snow, this video will go above and beyond in its deliverance of the funny. We’re already creating the sigil for House Underwood in our minds. Besides, Underwood’s ethos — “Bad for the greater good” — would fit right at home alongside some of the other House Words, no?

What do you all think: would Underwood win the Game of Thrones if George R.R. Martin were to write it as such? (I mean, he’d definitely probably win our fantasy fantasy league at least.) Let us know in the comments.

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  2. Joel says:

    Best ad from Quiznos yet

  3. rizzo says:

    Maybe they should focus on sandwiches? This might explain why they’re going under.

  4. peyton_drinking says:

    Its a shame they didn’t write any good material for such a good impression.

  5. Agreed. Meh jokes but great impression. Plus a kick-ass spoiler. Muahhaha.

  6. jessejames36 says:

    This guy’s Underwood impression is awesome, but the jokes… meh.